Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Have a Baby's Day Out in NYC (PHOTOS)

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz took their little boy around the Big Apple! The R&B music makers showed off their son Egypt Daoud Dean who is less than a year old on Thursday, July 7. 

Swizz, dressed in a pink polo shirt and gray jeans, was all smiles as he held onto his son as they walked to the car. Egypt's mom Alicia looked just as happy in her white jeans and tank-top as she too couldn't keep her hands off the baby. 

While in NYC, Swizz performed a show in Brooklyn for the Sounds Like Paper concert on Wednesday night that also featured Joe Jonas. Also in NYC, Alicia was honored with her own wax figure at the famed Madame Tussads’ Wax Musuem. “I actually think it’s really, really good!” she told MTV News. “I was looking close up: It’s like my eyebrows are for real, and it’s like my eyes are for real, and the bone structure of my chin, like, ‘Look, that’s my chin! That’s my jaw!’"

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  • Ifeoma

    I believe on this earth that we shouldn't judge so that we won't be judge,for every event there is a reason,Alicia is responsibLe for her actions,but I wish her the best

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston

    the U.S.A Is were dreams come true right Its more like U.S.A of lies cause some people still don't have jobs and all I wanted was to be a superstar and be with Alicia Keys but no I got blocked off all of Alicia Keys web sites just cuase I ack her to marriy me and the person who runs this Country Is doing one hell of a job cuaes my dreams have gone to HELL ALONEING WITH EVERYONES WHO WANTS THERE DREAMS TO COME TRUE BUT NOW KNOWS THE U.S.A IS FULL OF LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES and ass holes who don't do nothing for this Country but take a way or jobs and dreams of be a superstar and haveing a life in this Country thats way this Country SUCKS From Scott Houston

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston

    and the world will be batter off with out Alicia Keys in the spot light cause siners die and go to hell!!!! and thats the truth people Alicia Keys and her family Is going to hell!!!!!!! alone with the person who runs It In the USA From Scott Houston saying your a lier Alicia Keys and the hole world or liers just like you and this world Is hell to me cusae you sorry ass people don't want my dreams to come true you thinck you can take away everyones dreams and get away with It so I'm sorry but this Country can suck my dick and the person who runs It In the USA CAN KISS MY ASS CaUSE YOU WILL NOT STOP MY DREAMS FROM COMEING TRUE ASS HOLES!!!!!!

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston

    Alicia Keys is a siner

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston

    I’m so happy Alicia is happy. Love her music and she’s a wonderful human being. Swizz better do her right though. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simplydiffer cuse Alicia Keys happy family will be no more why she a HOE THATS WAY

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston


  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston

    I have no respect for a woman that sleeps around with a married man. She may think she has it made but she Is a home wrecker and Alicia Keys broken up Swizz Beatz family and I'm not saying Swizz Beatz Is useing Alicia Keys but I know he is going to do her the same way he did his first wife which is cheat on her with another woman. She will reap what she sowed. I'll bet Alicia has paid all the back taxes he owed the IRS which maybe another reason why he married her. From Scott Houston

  • simplydiffer

    I'm so happy Alicia is happy. Love her music and she's a wonderful human being. Swizz better do her right though.

  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    look at that aww so sweet..

  • rosie123

    Well, I'm just proud of Swizz for wearing pink and it's no big surprise that little angel is absolutely adorable. :-) Was his picture in the new DVD for ( The 10th Anniversary of Songs in A MInor)? Just wondering. Great to see you both out with him. I hope you'll stop being harassed for pictures of him now.


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