Ask Rebecca Black! 'Friday' Singer Solicits Fan Questions

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'Friday' (VIDEO)
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Rebecca Black is back! The YouTube sensation is once gain turning to the internet -- this time asking for random fan questions over at Buzznet.

Although she's famous for her song "Friday," the questions can be submitted any day of the week. 

Rebecca writes:  "Hey guys! for the first time I'll be doing a 'game' here on Buzznet! Ask me RANDOM questions in the comments below and I'll answer them tomorrow here in a journal! Are you ready?. Remember to be RANDOM, I love random things!"

You can also keep up with all things coming up in her world on her official Buzznet blog

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  • Bahee Rathan
    Bahee Rathan

    Hi Rebecca I'am´╗┐ Theepan From Sri lanka I like your All pop songs And Your Singing Style I'am Tamil men Will You Act Any movie For Us We like to see you. Thank You... I Love You So Much Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sdfdsf

    guys are u stupid? or just mentally slow? its supposed to be on her BUZZNET DUH

  • Birna

    what is your celebrity crush ? :D XOXO Birna from icealand

  • aren

    where do you go to school