Battle of the Hot Ashleys! (PHOTOS)

The battle of the hot Ashleys is on, and the race to the top hot spot is going to be quite the competition. Whether they star on the big screen, the small screen, or their have made the transition between both, these stunning starlets have waltzed their way right into our hearts.

From the moment Ashley Greene made her debut as the charming Alice, on Twilight, her cute and dainty personality has won her some hardcore fans. Ashley Tisdale has been showing off her bikini bod a lot lately, but we’re pretty sure no one is complaining.

And with all the pretty little lies sometimes, one thing is true…

Ashley Benson is more then cute, she’s gorgeous!

And Ashley Olsen is so hot, she had to share her charming good looks with a real-life replica — making it okay to see double.

So, which Ashley do YOU think is the hottest? Vote in our poll, and be sure to check out some hot Johns while you’re at it!