‘Entourage’ Final Season Trailer Released, Adrian Grenier Confirms Movie (VIDEO)

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It’s a big day for Entourage fans!

Not only has the extended trailer for the final season been released, but the HBO show’s star Adrian Grenier has confirmed that Vince and the boys will be heading to the big screen!

Can’t remember where the show (about an actor’s fast paced LA lifestyle) left off? Let us catch you up to speed.

Last we saw, Vince (Grenier) hit rock bottom after partying non-stop, Eric (Kevin Connelly) and Sloane (Emanuelle Chriqui) were planning their wedding, while Drama (Kevin Dillon) just signed on to be in an animated series based on him. Ari (Jeremy Piven) essentially ruined his career (and marriage) after tapes of him going to expletive filled tirads were leaked throughout Hollywood and last but not least, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) was starting to expand the Avion tequila empire.

Check out how things are going for them now by watching the trailer above!

Also, Adrian confirmed that Entourage will be heading to the big screen, when he told Wonderwall:

“As far as I’m concerned it’s not a rumor. It’s an inevitable thing that is going to happen. I’m absolutely looking forward to doing it.”

He also told them about Vince’s dark side, saying:

“It was about time. I was very excited and glad to be able to add some depth to the character. I always saw Vince as having a darker, more earnest side. The producers spent the previous years making me smile all of the time. I was used to making dark indie, edgy films. And then I got ‘Entourage’ and it was all about smiling and having the best time. People don’t know it, but it was a bit of stretch for me actually to play that part. It was a learning curve to actually spend time having fun.”

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