Robert Pattinson Pulls an All-Nighter While Greeting Fans (PHOTOS)

Did Rob Dump KStew?
Celebuzz clears up the rumors.
Robert Pattinson has no problem staying up until the wee morning hours if it means he can keep his fans happy. The Twilight hunk was spotted taking photos with fans after wrapping up filming for Cosmopolis at 4:15 in the morning.

The charming Brit showed no signs of fatigue as he posed with groups of female fans who were clearly ecstatic about being within kissing distance of their favorite vampire. Wearing a vintage San Diego Padres baseball cap and a “Welcome to the Jungle Cincinnati” sweatshirt, RPattz chatted up his fans as he signed autographs with a huge smile on his face.

Rob is currently in Toronto filming Cosmopolis. The film is based on the novel by Don DeLillo and follows a wealthy young man as he runs into trouble while trying to get a haircut. In one scene, Robert’s character gets smacked in the face with a cream pie. Check out the photos of Rob filming below.

While Rob is filming in Canada, his on and off-screen girlfriend Kristen Stewart is gearing up for filming Snow White in Los Angeles. K-Stew has been prepping by going to daily yoga classes to get her body into fairy tale damsel-shape.

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