Adam Sandler 'Jack & Jill' Trailer: Cross-Dressing & a Surprise A-List Cameo (VIDEO)

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Adam Sandler isn't afraid to get in touch with his feminine side!

The comedian is back with his latest film Jack & Jill, and takes on dueling roles playing Jack, a husband and father as well as his own (obnoxious) twin sister, Jill. Set around the holidays, Adam's character reluctantly invites his sister for a visit, after some encouragement from his wife (Katie Holmes).

A number of LA hotspots are featured in the film (see how many you can spot!), but it's a Lakers game where Jill catches the eye of a Hollywood legend.

Al Pacino makes a cameo in the film as a sappy version of himself who is after the heart of Jill.

To see what else you can expect, check out the trailer above!

The film hits theaters on November 11 -- will you see it? Sound off in the comments!


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  • george margot
    george margot

    You can always expect the unexpected from Sadler and he is very entertaining........

  • stef

    adam sandler is the hottest, most handsome man alive!!! and damn he is funny(:

  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    lmfao he's just so sweet and funny...oh how i love u adam sandler...muahhhhhhhhhhhhh