Box Office Battle: 'Horrible Bosses' vs. 'Zookeeper' -- Which Will You See? (POLL)

'Horrible Bosses' Trailer
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'Zookeeper' Trailer
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Two new comedies release this upcoming weekend, so which one will have the audience rolling on the floor laughing?

Horrible Bosses is pulling out the big guns with a cast stacked with a number of our favorite comedians. This comedy is about three friends who attempt to kill their, well, horrible bosses. Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Jason Bateman, to name a few, are sure to have us laughing all the way home.

While Horrible Bosses might be geared toward a more adult crowd, Zookeeper gets pretty wild also.

Kevin James happens to star alongside a very talented cast of zoo animals, such as tigers and elephants, in the upcoming flick Zookeeper. This comedy is family friendly film and brings our imagination to new heights. Rosario Dawson also stars in this film and The Hangover funny man Ken Jeong makes an appearance as well.

So with these all-star Casts, who will win this battle to the big screen? Cast your vote in the poll!



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  • cali65

    Gee Abe, most of the reviews have given this movie great grades. However, if I were to go by previews and critic's reviews, I probably would never go to the movies. I like to decide for myself if something is good or not. Jen's career is waning???? NOT!

  • joross

    calm down

  • Abe Gurko
    Abe Gurko

    From the previews alone Horrible Bosses makes me realize that poor Ms. Aniston has no hope of establishing a respectable career in her waning years. The premise alone: wanting to kill your boss, is perhaps evidence that our society is at the brink of extinction.