'Degrassi' Debuts Explosive Preview for Season 11 (VIDEO)

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Gather 'round, Degrassi fans and feel the heat! For the show's 11th season, the cast has put together an explosive promo set to Augustana's "Steal Your Heart."

As the gang cavorts around the beach, lighting fireworks and dancing around, there are hints of what is to come during this new chapter. 

There's romance and unrequited love, teen angst and even gun play. As the video comes to a close, a gun shot rings out -- foreshadowing some serious subject matter.

Degrassi has always dared to go there by taking on tough topics -- and this season will be no exception. Gang violence, drug abuse, bullying, gender identity, sexuality and teen parenthood will all be addressed.

A pivotal plot point centers around the senior students preparing for graduation and prom as a bitter race for a new student council president develops -- and an illicit relationship blossoms on campus. Drams! 

See the season 11 trailer below: 

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