Exclusive: Megan & Liz Debut New Single ‘Maybe, Possibly’ (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz interviews the YouTube sensations.
Celebuzz is super excited to present the debut of the new Megan & Liz music video! 

Their new song is called “Maybe, Possibly” — a track they first performed and recorded live on YouTube a couple years ago. The song, originally accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, has been given a masterful studio upgrade by producer Kurt Hugo Schnieder!

The musical twins told us about the meaning behind the song:

“Well, this song definitely means a lot to us! We wrote it right after Megan got dumped, and we were both really angry at the guy. We actually wrote it on a blanket in our back yard! We wrote it almost two years ago, and to this day it is one of our favorites that we have ever written! Maybe, Possibly will always be a very special song to us.”

The video was filmed while the girls were in Michigan for graduation. They also hit up their friends for some major props: “We used our friend Aubrey’s house, and her car!”

“Maybe, Possibly” is out now on iTunes

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