Get Fly In July - Week 2: Get Kim Kardashian’s Firm Booty!

Get Fly In July: Week 1
Get Fly In July: Demi Moore's Flat Tummy
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Celebuzz has teamed up with LeBootCamp founder Valerie Orsoni so everyone can be slimmer by summer with her proven exercise and diet tips! Valerie has created a Hollywood-inspired four week fitness plan to "Get Fly In July."

Click through the gallery to see day-by-day exercises and meal plan. 

Additionally, Valerie is offering 50% off LeBootCamp membership. Use the code "SUMMERSAVER"  and firm up your booty together with Celebrity Coach, Valerie Orsoni! 



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  • milouy

    Congrat's Valérie, I Like Lebootcamp!

  • Félicie Hopman
    Félicie Hopman

    Loving her! Thanks Valerie Orsoni!

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    Liz de Guzman

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  • Adriana

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  • Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile

    Ah, article headlines. What you really mean is "get a booty like Kim's", not, "get Kim's booty". Those are two very different things...

  • danielleakame

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