Celebrities Join In on Planking Trend (PHOTOS)

Franco's Twitpics
It was fun while James Franco's Twitter lasted.
The lying down game is becoming popular even among celebs! From Rosario Dawson (who can’t get enough of planking) to Justin Bieber, planking is the latest silly trend to hit Twitter and beyond!

Check out the planking pics and leave us a few comments about how you feel about the peculiar fad. 

 While many celebs are simply posting their planking shenanigans on Twitter or Facebook, Rosario has taken her planks to national television. She lied down on not one, but two late night talk shows. While promoting her film Zookeeper, the actress laid herself across Jimmy Kimmel’s desk. 

Next up was Chelsea Lately where Rosario did something very similar … on an elephant! Check out the video below!

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