Kristen Stewart & 'Bear' Visit Robert Pattinson in Toronto (PHOTOS)

We told you that Kristen Stewart was going to see her man! The Twilight actress, wearing jeans and a gray tee-shirt, was spotted on Thursday night visiting boyfriend Robert Pattinson on the set of his new film, Cosmopolis...and she brought her boyfriend a visitor. Bear, the dog the couple adopted together earlier this year, was with Kristen, 21, as she darted into Robert's trailer shortly after arriving!

One fan tweeted that "dinner for 3" was brought to the trailer. Many loyal RPattz onlookers also say Stewart was on set Wednesday night, although no paparazzi shots have surfaced from that all night shoot.

Check out photos of Robert, 25,  greeting fans after wrapping up filming at 4:15 am on Wednesday night.

Kristen left for Canada Monday, but is expected to return to Los Anegeles soon for a photo shoot.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 hits theaters November 18, 2011 and Celebuzz has been told Rob, Kristen, and Taylor Lautner are lined up to make an appearance at the Comic-Con panel on July 21. Kristen is also gearing up to start shooting Snow White and the Huntsman in August.

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  • oniszko2

    I think you will see these two will be spending alot of time together, did you know that when Kristen was on set, a fan asked her if she would take a picture with Rob and bear, they said they promised not to post it and she said sure ok. The fan said she did not hesitate, that is a big change for Kristen, taking a picture with Rob, but the again everyone in the world knows she is already there...

  • edwardbella2

    OFFCOURSE SHE WAS GONNA MEET HIM!! love them together!!!

  • thesiflster

    I don't know why this was even posted...we know they are together. Move on, people. Jesus, its not like fans wouldn't get pictures of them in two weeks at comic con. MORE IMPORTANTLY, what psycho fans are waiting for an actor to finish at 4:15 am? GET A LIFE.

  • oniszko2

    That comment was made by someone else using my site, there are several people that use it, mainly its mine but sometimes others use it I have told them not to but they do anyway....I am sorry if they offended you in any way, but when I am writing I am telling you the truth, you ask me how I know, it's not important how I know I do..And no lies, fibs or anything else...truth about Kris and Rob.

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain


  • Lea

    Those two never disappoint. They seem to be very loyal to each other. They are very young and in a challenging field for relationships but if those two can't survive it, I don't know who can. The secret is not to hang out in Hollywood - live away from the crazy, and try to schedule film shoots so they can see each other more than less.

  • mune

    I am so happy for them I love them :D

  • Michelle

    What are you going to say when he is at comic Con? Why does it bug you so much that they are obviously in love? Why don't you go back to ShowBiz Spy, where they traffic in hate. You'll be much happier.

  • krisbian

    aww soo cute I LOVE KRISTEN <3

  • LoveRobsten

    Taryn: Grazie for getting the story right. Kristen is with Rob in Toronto and she brought their dog 'Bear' with her to the set to see his Daddy. How class is she that she just sat back and let Rob 'do his thing' signing for 60/70 fans at 4:30 in the morning. What a sweetheart he is. That's WHY WE love them.

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown

    oh stop!!! they love each other and have for a long time. ONLY A BLIND FOOL WOULD BELIEVE OTHERWISE.

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown

    oh stop!!! they love each other and have for a long time. ONLY A BLIND FOOL WOULD BELIEVE OTHERWISE.

  • angel2317

    ok i'm confused is this not your comment " Hate to bust your bubble, but Rob will not be going to Comic Con 2011, has spoken to summitt and he does not want to be in the same place as Kristen Stewart.,this is according to his Bodyguard on the set. Rob will be going home to England for a couple of weeks by himself…..Needs not to breathe the same air as her.. Bodyguard is a really nice guy, and watches out for Rob.,I kinda think he feels sorry for what is happening to him…. " this is only one; there are almost 10 other like thIS that you wrote on and now your saying that they are so in deeply in love ??? i don't mean to single you out and attack you .. its just that i'm confused .. i have been reading your comments on every post related to Robert Pattinson ( you post a lot that's why i notice your name) in every post you defend him and say that Kristen doesn't love him and she is cheating on him and now your saying " These two are very much in love with each other, Kristen is head over heels in love with Rob and from what I understand extremely jealous " I'm a big fan of both of them .. i have nothing against Rob its just seems unfair to take his side and blame Kristen .. then all of a sudden start saying they are in love ??? I really don't mean to attack you; i'm just confused =)

  • Tia

    Best Couple Ever. God Bless them both.

  • oniszko2

    Why do you think that Rob was smiling so much, Kristen is there, she was on the set on Wed, but people did not get pictures of her, she stayed in trailer and waited for her love to get finished..These two are very much in love with each other, Kristen is head over heels in love with Rob and from what I understand extremely jealous, Rob on the other hand has loved her since he met her. I beleive these two have so much in common, interests, etc, bed, there is nobody else for them no Garrrett or Caitlin, all gossip and rumors..I predict they will be together a very long long time..........I am so happy for them..

  • Kimberly

    Great to see they make time to be together! Obviously a tight couple. Love them!

  • Tam

    great to see them happy. will the hater jump off a cliff now!

  • sandra

    Thanks Celebuzz, I'm very happy for them!!!