Megan Fox: I Don't Use Botox! (PHOTOS)

Take that critics: Megan Fox is a natural beauty! The 25-year-old actress silenced the botox rumors that had been following her around for several months when she posted photos of herself scrunching her face on her Facebook page under the album title "THINGS YOU CAN'T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX."

Critics began speculating that the raven-haired beauty has succumbed to using Botox after she appeared at the Jonah Hex premiere last year looking, as some critics put it, "waxy." The actress also caught flack earlier this week when her new ads for Giorgio Armani Beauty were deemed too fake-looking. Megan, an avid Facebook user, decided to put the rumors to rest herself for her 26 million Facebook "friends."

Check out photos of Megan from the Jonah Hex premiere below.

Megan isn't the first star to used Facebook to prove that she hasn't had plastic surgery – Teri Hatcher famously posted photos of herself scrunching her face while wearing no make-up back in August to prove to fans that she hasn't had plastic surgery.

Check out Megan's botox-free commercial for Giorgio Armani Beauty below.


The botox rumors aren't the only bad press Megan has been experiencing recently. The actress' former Transformers director Michael Bay revealed that Megan's comments that likened him to Hitler were the main reason that she was fired from the uber-successful franchise.

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  • Gout Treatment
    Gout Treatment

    Her pictures looks photoshopped! The lines in her forehead are overly creased. Even a normal person can't have that kind of crease when doing that facial expression...

  • Lexi

    wtf the second pic looks like she has botox what are you tryin to prove ?

  • Boom

    Her lips aren't real, it's obvious she's had fillers but she still looks amazing so everyone can shut up now.

  • julie04


  • julie04

    Umm excuse me, but I never said that I hate her, did I? and I'm not jealous or something I just have the opinion that her face looks fake. That's it. Just because you think that she's pretty doesn't mean that I have to find her pretty too! So if you can't accept other opinions that maybe YOU should get out of this website here ;)

  • Liz

    Stop Hating. You dont even know her. And if you dont like her get out of this page. Just because you don look like her, you have the need to be hating. Thats just sad and pathetic.

  • Liz

    You Mean Plastic Surgery lol But I totally agree with you. Megan is hot since the day she was born, and all of this hater are just jealous cus they wish they were her.

  • julie04

    Sad that she has to do this ... doesn't prove anything too me. Her face still looks fake to me. Say what you want.

  • JazminTeamMegan

    All of you haters that said megan has had plastic jealous are just jealous. All you are probably just ugly women who wish they were as beautiful as Megan. But thats okay because that only thing a fat ass bitch like all of you can do is hate all people, that are better than you. HAHAHA

  • sophie1986

    Now post a bunch of photos to prove you have talent!

  • Jen

    God women are so ridiculous with their jealousy. If you aren't jealous why do you feel the need to go on the internet and talk a bunch of shit about other women. Just so you know, men don't find you more attractive when you badmouth other women.

  • natachanal

    Her eyes is blue very bule

  • natachanal

    Not botox , but yes cirujia.

  • katie

    Either she has a super-talented forehead or she just hasn't botoxed the entired thing. when most people scrunch up their face, the wrinkles go further than a frankly weird looking semicircle in the centre. I still think she's gorgeous, I just think it's ridiculous to lie.

  • HatersStopHatingCusYourUgly

    @smart and @meeeeee ok haters - her lips and stuff are real, if you look on her facebook she has baby pics/toddler pics and she still has those same type of lips. like on here:

  • CaliforniaGirl

    Some people are such JEALOUS idiots...Shes beautiful either way. I dont think shes had plastic surgery but even if she did...who gives a crap because its HER body. In her old stuff like hope and faith she looks just as beautiful. PEOPLE GET OVER YOUR HATER-NESS!! Some people are born with better genes!!

  • danielleakame

    regardless of her getting botox or plastic surgery she is hot. (excluding her weird thumb). get all the plastic surgery you want girl. lol just don't deny it!

  • meeeeee

    Does she really think people are stupid??? She is all plastic. Her nose, lips, cheekbones, boobs... She has no lines around her eyes. That's not normal. Besides, you can just see her first movies or performance in Hope & Faith- that girl looks nothing like what she looks like today. I don't undernstand why you try to deny it if it is obvious?!

  • smart

    hahah funny thats a photoshop... and what about botox in lips and rest face?... she really think that people are idiots?