Robert Pattinson Debuts New 'Do (PHOTOS)

Rob in 'Cosmopolis'
Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis
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Robert Pattinson got a crew cut which may mean that he's wrapping up filming on Cosmopolis! Let us explain...

The film is based on the novel by Don DeLillo and follows a wealthy young man as he runs into trouble while trying to get a haircut. Well, R-Pattz, 25, got a haircut, so that may mean he's about finished shooting the movie. Also, he got a visit from his Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart, 21, this week who brought along their dog Bear. 

Following the couple's Toronto rendezvous, the Twilight triple-threat Rob, Kristen, and Taylor Lautner are gearing up to make an appearance at the Comic-Con panel on July 21. In addition, Kristen will begin shooting Snow White and the Huntsman in August. Busy summer for R-Pattz and K-Stew!

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  • edwardbella2

    His hair add a significant charm to his personality!!!

  • oniszko2

    Again if you are on the set which you are not, you would know that the haircut is part of the movie, he goes out to get a haircut and get pissed off at the guy cutting his hair and walks out...So you should know this, posting a line of crap again. Do you honesly believe he would cut his hair all of for nothing, read the book the premise of the movie is Eric Packer going for a haircut............

  • oniszko2

    If you are actually on the set, you would know that Rob has had somebody in the hotel taking care of the dog. Kristen did not come thousands of mile to watch a dog. He has had somebody there all along while he is in Toronto filming, he would not leave the dog in the hotel alone, and Kristen has not been there all this time... That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard...

  • Alyssa

    It's actually pretty scary to me that 9 people agreed with the "on the set" dude. LOL!

  • briana

    im a big fan of you :)but i only whatch only one movie of yours never seen al the tiwight movies too bad for me :(never watch it al please leve a comet

  • rlroby91

    no where did his awesome hair go?!

  • simplydiffer

    Um... well I hope it grows back for his sake. Otherwise, I suggest going straight up buzz cut.

  • Trygve

    Get some hepl fucked up teenage girl

  • hahaha

    He looks gayer than Justin Bieber damn it never that that would happend

  • Gaga for live
    Gaga for live

    I know right

  • oniszko2

    The haircut is part of the movie, in the movie he goes around town trying to find someone that can cut his hair the way he wants it cut, I guess this is the scene where he goes nuts at the guy who cuts it, but dont worry by cominc con it should look better, you when guys cut their hair it grows back even better...have not fear it will be there again.........................

  • Jen

    Are you sure it's not part of the job-- the haircut I mean? If you're on the set you should know better. Anyone who has read Cosmopolis will know that this is part of the story. To say that Kristen is there just to doggysit is just hilarious... really? Keep telling yourself that.

  • thesiflster

    omg, i hope he shaves it all off for comic con. twihards would fucking explode in despair.

  • I'm actually on the set
    I'm actually on the set

    No it isn't part of the job. That's what wigs are for. He cut it because it is crazy hot and he has no need for the "Edward" hair anymore. As for the love talk. Nope, not that either. Kristen is a friend who was dog sitting HIS dog because he was going to be on set 12-16 hours a day and the director and producer weren't keen about pets on set since most of the movie is location shots (harding to keep a dog wrangled). They are NOT madly in love, etc. Go back and look at the photos. the Love is all in the media claiming they know what's going on in the moment. Rob laughs at it and how they never get it right. They don't try to deny the talk because they know the media won't stop and the fans are generally willing to believe "a person close to the matter" is a real source and the tabs are journalists not the gossips they really are.

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck robert your ugly

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    It looks like a 3 year old got hold of some scissors.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    I do not find Robert Pattinson that attractive at all.

  • Noah

    He looks like he got a haircut by falling off a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

  • Janie

    That is a man. A very hot man with a very endearing personality. He can even pull off having half his hair shaved off.

  • the netherlands
    the netherlands

    ugly.. he all ready was ugly, but now...omg!

  • Megan

    Rob!!! i want the sex hair back!!! :( o well is part of the job to get a haircut like that.

  • K

    I think he looks much nicer with this hair style =D xoxo

  • oniszko2

    By the way the haircut, was part of the movie, in the movie they give him a terrible haircut all uneven and everything, as you can see, but it will grow him and kristen together

  • oniszko2

    Yes they have a couple of more days of shooting and then he is finished. He will go to Comic Con with Kristen and after that a week or so away just the two of them, and then Kristen witl start snow white, and rob will stay in london with her......they are in it..