Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne Strut Their Best Dance Moves!

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Shake it up indeed! Disney has just kicked off its first national talent search called “Make Your Mark,” and the winner gets a special dance appearance on the Disney Channel’s hit series Shake It Up and a chance to meet the entire cast.

Celebuzz was there as fans filled the Americana shopping mall in Glendale, CA to see their two favorite girls, Shake It Up stars Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne, and of course, to dance their way to the top! The Shake It Up cast’s personal choreographer Rosero McCoy, and his dancers even came out to teach the entire crowd – yes all of them, the Shake It Up dance step-by-step. Now that’s what we call a fun time!

The girls joined Radio Disney’s DJ Ernie D on stage to answer questions for their fans! So cute! Celebuzz was able to have our own personal Q&A with Zendaya and Bella too.

They spilled what it was like filming their very first dance scene to their most embarrassing moments on set. Check it out.

Did you spot any personal favorites today?

Zendaya: I think everyone came out and did their best. Everyone’s my favorite because as long as you’re giving a 110 percent than I love you!

Bella: I think everyone was great, and everyone came out with confidence and that means a lot to me because confidence is everything. I would say is confidence is your best fashion accessory because whatever outfit it is if you have confidence, you can work.

What’s your advice to everyone who is trying out?

Zendaya: Definitely just know what you’re going to do, be confident in it, and knowing what you’re doing.

Bella: I would say besides that, definitely practice a lot and go out there and live it like it’s your last.

What was it like filming your first dance scene for Shake It Up?

Zendaya: I think we all had our butterflies, but as soon as we walk down on stage – I think the stage is my second home, and so those kind of fly away.

Bella: For me I would say I was nervous. I get nervous during everything. I’ll be dancing on a dance, and Shake It Up and I’ll be like, ‘I’m not going to get this move right,’ and Rosario, he is so great to me, and I love him so much because he does so much. He’s always like, ‘Bella you have it, you have it down, live in it; it’s your confidence.’ I think that you know obviously my confidence level drops a little, but it goes right back up when I know I’m doing well.

Do you have any embarrassing moments that happened on set?

Zendaya: An embarrassing moment for me was actually not on stage dancing, but I was doing a photo shoot for Shake It Up, and I like to jump when I do my photo shoots – like, I like to do these fun-jumping poses, and I ripped my pants right up the middle. It was funny one of the pictures I was up in the air you could see one little thread that was coming down. It was so embarrassing, but you know I was like you can’t see it. I jumped up again and it ripped even more. So now I have a basketball sized rip in my pants, and now I can’t wear those really cute pants anymore.

Bella: I think I have embarrassing moments everyday 24/7 – I have it. A good one though was on set. It was lunch, and I was talking to Adam – everybody’s usually in my room at lunch or Davis’s room, and in my room – the whole cast was there, and I was talking to Adam and I was like ‘Yeah’ and I walked right into a wall, smack dab in the middle of my face. It was hilarious, and Adam was like ‘Wow, Bella way to be smart!’ and he did the same exact thing.

What’s next for Season 2 on Shake It Up?

Zendaya: Season 1 was all about Rocky and CeCe finding out who they are, and season two we’re really upping the level. I mean we want to kind of dig into their friendship, their family, find out who they are even more than the first season, and also we have amazing guest stars, and just amazing dance crews coming on.

Think you or someone you know has what it takes to be featured on Shake it Up? Check out Make Your Mark for all the info.