The Most Evil On-Screen Bosses (PHOTOS)

'Bosses' Premiere!
The stars hit the red carpet.
In Horrible Bosses Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey play three truly awful bosses, guilty of terrorizing their workers to such an extent that three of their employees plot to off them for good.

The character of the evil boss is a popular archetype, terrifying workers both on-screen and off. The relationship between the disgruntled employee and their unbearable supervisor has been explored many times on film, often with cringe-worthy and hilarious results.

To celebrate the premiere of Horrible Bosses, Celebuzz compiled a gallery of the best of the worst – the most evil and overbearing bosses that have ever been on-screen. From bloodthirsty mafia dons to a fashionista with a heart of ice, check out our gallery to see them all. Sounds off in the comments and let us know which boss you think is the worst.