R&B Star Lloyd Talks to Celebuzz About New Album

R&B crooner Lloyd is talking to Celebuzz about his new album King of Hearts — which took two years to create. 

The album has just been released this week, a long labor of love that has led him to create what he says should be considered his “best musical achievements to date.”

The singer reveals what’s new about this effort, his favorite song off the record and what to expect from the sounds he’s sending out the speakers.

Tell us about King of Hearts?
I’m excited that the album is finally out. I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. It has literally consumed the past two years of my life, so it better go down as one of my best musical achievements to date.

Is two years a long time to work on a record?
It is  …  but the important thing, especially today — in an era that is so digitally perfected — it’s good to try and take time to make something that is naturally compelling and cohesive. I think that you don’t get a lot of that anymore.

Did you have an idea of what you wanted when you started recording, or did it come though the studio sessions?
The idea I wanted was to make something that was real street, real street at times but it was aggressive and real bravado in there, but that it was also smooth and sensual at times. I wanted to try and capture both extremes in one album perfectly.

How would you describe the overall sound of the album?
It’s regal and grandiose. You got songs with saxophones and “Cupid” has trumpets and “Angel,” where I’m playing the piano and singing. There’s “Will Cry,” which discusses the power of poverty, the problems of poverty and the ways of the world I just don’t agree with. The song “Dedication” is daring and bold and flat out dangerous if you ask me, and then there’s a song like “Cupid” that talks about how love is the greatest message in the world.

It sounds like you have put a lot of your heart and soul into the album, do you have a particular song that’s your favorite?
It changes everyday, right now it’s “Dedication,” to my ex, but tonight it will probably be “Naked” (laughs).

What’s coming up next?
I tour with Lil Wayne in six days, I am looking to have a great time out on the road performing live music from my album.

Lloyd’s new album King of Hearts is out now on iTunes.

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