Celebuzz Celebrates Elvis Week with 'King'-Inspired Pompadour Hairstyles (PHOTOS)

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars
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There's only one King of Rock and Roll -- and that's why Elvis Presley has a whole week dedicated to his greatness! Get all shook up with our tribute to one of music's most iconic performers. 

From Bruno Mars to Janet Jackson and Gwen Stefani, Celebuzz is kicking off the celebration with stars that have a little piece of the King right on their crown with their pompadour hairdos.  

While many have impersonated Elvis' style, from the famous rhinestone stage costumes down to his blue suede shoes, his signature hairstyle has endured through the years. Peep the pics in our gallery and tell us in the comments: Would you rock this style? 


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  • matt

    what are those glasses the Bruno Mars has?

  • Sthef

    Adam Lambert, thalia, Robbie Williams, Rihanna also copied the look of Elvis

  • ANY

    The unique look of Elvis is his style was copied by many. well said: John Lennon "Everybody wanted to be like Elvis! Please remember this way

  • Sue

    The king forever!!!

  • ANY

    El look de Elvis es incomparable su estilo fue copiado por muchos. bien decia: Jhon lennon " todos queriamos ser como Elvis! Gracias por recordarlo de esta manera

  • Kathy Schneider
    Kathy Schneider

    You forgot the best one, Adam Lambert! He rocked that hair-do!!

  • she_devil

    She's such a beautiful woman, true with with wired fashion choices sometimes, but in this case, the hair makes her look old and ugly :(


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