Diego Boneta & Bikini’d Julianne Hough Take a Dip in Miami (PHOTOS)

Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta have been filming Rock of Ages for the last couple months, and it looks like they've become pretty close! 

The duo, who will be seen on-screen in the Broadway show-turned-movie next year, were seen off-screen as they lounged by the pool in the sunshine state over the weekend. A make-up free Julianne smiled and laughed as she and Diego chatted in the pool.

They're poolside look is a far cry from when we saw them frolicking on the beach in their finest 80s gear!

Check out the photos of Julianne and Diego filming Rock of Ages below!

Julianne tweeted about the progress of filming and said:
"Fun day of shooting #rockofagesmovie with @TomCruise @adammshankman today! Rehearsed "Hurricane" during lunch too and man does it rock!! :)"
Check out all the photos of Julianne and Diego in the gallery! Will you see Rock of Ages when it hits theaters? Let us know in the comments!


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  • gem

    Diego Boneta & Bikini’d Julianne Hough Take a Dip in Miami (PHOTOS) Jul 11, 2011 at 3:41pm There is no mention of Ryan in this ink. Why is Ryan mentioned in the comment? Ryan Seacrest, is, and has been engaged of official nuptials to his unofficial spouse, the Canadian fiancee of November 2009 and onwards official broadcast of relationship with Canadian significant other.

  • Britney

    I honestly think Julianne would be better matched with Diego. He's much more age appropriate for her and they would make an adorable couple! Granted the movie hasn't wrapped yet, but when it does come out if the chemistry is as great as everyone says, they should really give it a chance. As for Ryan, this whole thing looks like a lust/insecurity/dirty old man complex to me. He may be very confident in career matters, but on his radio show he always sounds very insecure/uncomfortable about personal matters, romantic relationships, specifically. He's pretty much in a solid committed relationship with his career as it is. He belongs with someone closer to his age, or no one for a while until he's more secure in himself and doesn't feel he needs to lust/chase someone the way he did Julianne for years.