‘Harry Potter’ Star Rupert Grint Kisses Emma Watson and Tells All (VIDEO)

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Rupert Grint is probably the envy of many guys out there — especially after getting to lock lips with actress Emma Watson while filming one of the scenes for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. But the actor admits to MTV that the highly-anticipated kiss was “tricky” to pull off, and he’s “kind of erased it” from his memory. Say what?!

Rupert explains the two were such great friends that it was awkward trying to make the kiss look realistic between Grint’s Ron Weasley and Watson’s Hermione Granger.

“It was a tricky one, because it had to be believable. We had to look like we wanted to do it, when in reality we really didn’t. We were soaking [in the scene], and that kind of made it a little bit easier, I think, because it was kind of this outburst of adrenaline.”

Tonight, the cast will walk the red carpet at the New York premiere, and fans have been waiting outside the theater for days!

Last week, the cast debuted the final Harry Potter film in London.  Fans anxiously waited for the arrival of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert and Emma as well as the rest of the HP stars. Emma arrived wearing a floor-length puffball Oscar de la Renta gown, which made her look like a fairytale princess. But she couldn’t stop the tears from running down her face.

Emma addressed her costar Daniel before breaking down, saying, “You were and are the perfect Harry.” Upon hearing that, Daniel ran up and hugged Emma. “I will miss you so much,” she said in tears as she looked at the cast and crew of the Potter franchise. “Thank you so, so much. … You are the most wonderful fans in the world.”