Rebecca Black Strikes Back with New Single July 18

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Is Rebecca Black more than a one hit wonder? The world will find out on July 18. That Monday could be her next “Friday” as she debuts her second single, called “My Moment.” 

The song — and accompanying video — dive into the young internet star’s personal life and rise to viral stardom. The video is said to include footage from her last day in junior high school, red carpet appearances and clips from her hosting the MTV Online Music Awards. 

The video for “Friday” gained over more than 167 million views on YouTube, do you think her new single can deliver big numbers? Tell us in the comments!

Although “Friday” was slammed as being “the worst video of all time,” Rebecca has moved forward seemingly unfazed by the criticisms, continuing to capitalize on her new found fame and even appearing in a Katy Perry video. 

In the meantime, Rebecca is asking people around the world for their most random questions, which she will answer on her Buzznet blog

Rebecca writes:  ”Hey guys! for the first time I’ll be doing a ‘game’ here on Buzznet! Ask me RANDOM questions in the comments below and I’ll answer them tomorrow here in a journal! Are you ready? Remember to be RANDOM, I love random things!”