'Twilight's' Booboo Stewart Can't Stop Laughing at Robert Pattinson! (PHOTOS)

we love you boo boo!
Booboo Stewart at the 'Winnie the Pooh' Premiere
'Breaking Dawn' Trailer
Breaking Dawn Trailer
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If you are a true Twilight fan, you appreciate any time the La Push werewolf pack comes on to screen, despite whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob.  When a group of muscular, dark-haired, tan hotties start ripping off their shirts and morphing into wolves, it's quite the sight for sore eyes and makes it all too easy for Twihards to forget their previous loyalties to the vampires.  

Celebuzz caught up with one of the younger members of the pack Booboo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater, on the  honey-colored carpet of Winnie the Pooh premiere to get the scoop on RPattz and the highly-anticipated Breaking Dawn.

So what is it about that special little bear in the 100 Acre Wood that everyone loves so much? "I think we have all watched Winnie The Pooh, even my little 5-year-old sister watches Winnie The Pooh," says Booboo.  "It's still on TV and I don't think it will ever go off," says Stewart.  

Another trend we don't see dying off anytime soon is the success of Twilight.  Even though filming is complete for Breaking Dawn, Booboo assures us it doesn't mean the end quite yet.

"We still have another year to go.  The filming is over, but the movie isn't out so we still have to promote it and do interviews," says Booboo. To which we say, thank goodness!

Stills From ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

[midpostembed id="7657231" type="gallery"]People everywhere have chosen their sides, vampire or werewolves, and we learned one of the members from the wolf pack even has a soft spot for a blood sucker on set.  

"Rob [Pattinson] is my favorite person to work with, he really surprised me.  I didn't expect him to be that funny, I thought he was going to be a quiet guy, but once you start talking to him he is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing," says Stewart.  

It's not just Robert Pattinson Booboo admires, he also says Taylor Lautner is great to work with and is a very cool guy.  So Booboo, much like the rest of America, is torn between the two on-screen enemies! 



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  • sydsouth

    * It's Fivle his sister!!!*

  • sydsouth

    * Winnie the Pooh bear, he's out there...(PART THAT EVERYBODY MUMBLES)...Winnie the Pooooh. * Love that song!! =D

  • edwardbella2

    Rob wins over everyone's hearts and rules over them!!!:D

  • oniszko2

    Yes in the books Seth really likes Edward, and I guess its like Art imitating Life.... He likes Robert outside of the movies, but then again everybody that has met Rob has wonderful things to say about him....

  • E

    Edward and Seth get along in the books, too.

  • beth

    Booboo is soooo hot

  • chris

    Robert is sweet. Who wouldn't love him. <3