Because He's Hot: Cristiano Ronaldo Sports Short Shorts (PHOTOS)

Lots of Hollywood ladies have been seen around town wearing the shortest of shorts, but it looks like one very sexy guy has joined the trend!

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo was seen after practice in LA on Tuesday afternoon and hiked up his athletic shorts to maximize his leg skin exposure. The Real Madrid player was also kind enough to sign some autographs for fans that were waiting outside his practice.

We think this look absolutely suits him!

If only more guys would join the trend.

Check out some photos of other ladies showing off their sexy gams in shorts below!

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  • staystrong

    where is the rest of the team ? :( Benzema Ramos Kaka Pepe Ozil THE REST OF THE TEAM ?

  • Reese Mitchell
    Reese Mitchell

    We all wore them even shorter in the 70's. You still see some old folks (kill me now) still wearing the style.

  • Aya
    Aya I don't think anyone's hot enough for those.

  • Lucia Divito
    Lucia Divito

    Thats Discusting :L