Colbie Caillat Talks ‘So Random!’ Cameo, New Album & ‘Best Day’ Of Her Life

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With Colbie Caillat’s highly anticipated third album, All Of You, coming out in less than a month, Celebuzz recently got a chance to sit down with her at Radio Disney.

The Grammy-award winner took time to talk about her new album, guest appearance on Disney’s hit show So Random! and even told us what the best moment of her life has been to date.

You are doing a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Disney Channel’s So Random!.  What was this experience like and do you see yourself getting into acting in the future?
I don’t see myself getting into acting, maybe not at this point in my life, I just want to focus on music and writing but it was really cool.  I did get to do a little mini skit with them for a promo of the show and playing my song “Brighter” on the set, the set was really cool and colorful.  It had a beachy, California vibe to it and the whole crew and cast were so sweet to me and they are all hilarious so I had a really good time. 

What can fans expect from your upcoming new album “All of You”?
It’s a lot more up-tempo.  They will still have the same sound like Breakthrough and Coco had where it’s the acoustic summery beachy feel but we experimented more with more electric guitars, some programed beats, and more up-tempo songs.  Also I collaborated with Common and a lot of the songs are about ups and downs of relationships.

With the release of your album next month do you plan on touring in the future?
Yes. We are in band rehearsals right now and we do a promo tour in Europe starting on Saturday for a couple of weeks and then come home and have the record release. We are on the Today show playing in New York and then we have a show at the Troubadour in LA and then we are starting the summer tour in August. 

How does this album stand out compared to your previous two albums?
I think it’s a big leap for me, and I think people are going to notice that.  The songs are a little bit more mature and I think since they are a lot more up-tempo it’s a really fun record and I think people are going to like that.

What has been the process in writing your new album?
It has been really different for every song.  One song I wrote by myself in Germany, another song I wrote with Jason Reeves and Justin Young in Hawaii.  Other ones I wrote in LA with friends and co-writers and producers that I had writing sessions with. 

Last Easter you had the opportunity to perform at the White House, what was this experience like?
That was one of the best days in my life, getting to meet President Obama and his family.  Having a tour of the White House was incredible and performing the National Anthem on the White House balcony. I was shaking! I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to be there and my whole entire family was there. It was amazing. 

With the success of her past two albums we know that this album is going to be a huge hit! The album officially comes out on July 12. Tell us below: What is your favorite Colbie song?