Courteney Cox Reveals: Has She Ever ‘Faked It’?

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Courteney Cox is writing a new beauty blog for the website xoJane and she answers some pretty personal questions in her bio. 

When asked is she’s ever faked an orgasm, the Cougar Town star answered candidly: 

“Not in as many years as I can remember.”

In addition to giving a tiny glimpse into her sex life, Courteney disclosed what’s most played on her iTunes. “‘Levon’ By Elton John — it is the song that I play best on piano.” We didn’t know she was musically inclined! Also, if you’ve ever wondered what the former Friends star smells like, she says “orange blossom meets vanilla meets coconut.”

As for the working mom’s motto, “Be real.” For more celebrity fun facts, be sure to follow on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.