Katy Perry Tweets a Nautical (Planking) Teaser! (PHOTO)

Katy's 'Purr'fect Cleavage
Check out more pics of Katy's revealing dress!
Katy Perry is taking things under the sea for her next music video!

Donned in her finest mermaid gear, the “Teenage Dream” singer shared this sneak peek while shooting some kind of video or promo, and it looks like she is still very much into the whole “planking” fad.

KP tweeted this pic and said:

“PROPER planking FTW! #itswhatArielwoulddo

Check out some more photos of celebs planking below!

If this is in fact a teaser to her latest music video, it will definitely be hard to top her hilarous “Last Friday Night” video, which was chalk full of celeb cameos including Darren Criss and the Hanson bros! Check out a full recap of the cameos below.

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