Kim Kardashian’s Claim to Fame

The lovely and always stylish Kim Kardashian has created an empire all in the name of ‘yes!’

With an established brand and an incredible support team behind her, Kim has without a doubt found the formula for success.

Kim bid farewell to her celebrity styling days when she said ‘yes’ to joining forces with Ryan Seacrest on what would become one of the most famous reality shows to date. On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, fans get an exclusive look inside Kim’s glamorous life and are able to follow her hilarious family’s daily antics. With the show currently in its sixth season, Kim – -and the Kardashian family! — has created a reality empire!

Taking on the reality show helped take Kim Kardashian’s career to the next level. She took a leap and hopped on the social media train early on by saying ‘yes’ to creating her own Twitter account. Over time, Kim built up her huge fan base and now has close to 8 million fans following her! By giving fans instant access to personal pictures and direct quotes, she has created a strong bond with the her audience.

With the success of her growing brand, she has launched a variety of products from fragrances to diet supplements to clothing lines. Fans can’t get enough of Kim’s impeccable fashion sense and fabulous family – and neither can we!