Tori Spelling and Daughter Take Pet Pig For a Walk (PHOTOS)

There's a new addition to the Spelling family -- a pet pig named Hank! Tori Spelling and her daughter Stella were snapped taking their new animal friend for a walk just this morning. 

The trendy tot is enjoying one of the more unique pets popularized in Hollywood -- as well as sporting new fashions from the Hello Kitty collection (she's wearing BabyLegs leggins with an adorable Hello Kitty print).

Momma Tori, on the other hand, is putting her relationship experience to use by joining one of TV's most popular dating shows.

The 38-year-old mother of two will guest star on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker. this upcoming season. The show will be back in Los Angeles, after a very successful season in New York. 

Tori certainly knows about how to handle the pressures of success and wealth, having grown up the daughter of one of TV's most famous, prolific and successful producers. With her own marriage in the spotlight (and the subject of a reality series), there's little doubt she'll be able to dish out some advise to hopeful lovers.



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    Tori Seems like such a great mom. It is nice to see this side to her after following her as a bratty teen on 90210.

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    *"For" not "fot"

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    Fot me it's a little bit strange. Pig is for me to eat, no to walk with. Sorry, that may be brutal but that's the truth. I don't wanna hurt anyone feelings. I'm just saying how I see this. Some people in Hollywood have weird inclinations. PS Sorry for my English. I'm still learning.