Tyler Shields: From Photography to Footwear

Shields and Zach Quinto
Tyler and Zach team up for their own television series.
Shields and Pettyfer
Tylers shoots sexy Alex Pettyfer.
Shields and Emma Roberts
Tyler shoots the beautiful Emma Roberts.
Famed celebrity photographer Tyler Shields is adding another skill to the already long list on his resume — shoe designer! That’s right, the man that shot Lindsay Lohan vamped up and our favorite Gleek Dianna Agron chopping off her beautiful blonde locks is taking his dark voice from photos to footwear.

Through an artist collaboration with Radii footwear, Tyler’s limited edition signature shoe (only 500 pairs will be sold) is a straight-jacket shoe splattered with blood. True Shields fashion! These kicks will no doubt be donned by a handful of Tyler’s celeb friends in the weeks to come. The shoes are out and on sale, so for those that want a small piece of Shields and Hollywood wrapped into one, place your orders now!

In other Shields’ news, Tyler will be officiating Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean’s wedding later this year. Busy, busy boy!