Because He’s Hot: Chris Evans Plays Beer Pong With Jimmy Fallon (PHOTOS)

While on his Captain America press tour, Chris Evans made time to stop by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to kick back and have a little fun. He and Jimmy Fallon cuffed up their sleeves for a classic game of beer pong after the late night host challenged Evans.

“I’d like to say that I beat Captain America at something, so I’d like to challenge you, if it’s alright, to a game of beer pong,” Fallon said, as Chris replied, “Game on, my friend.”

Jimmy asked, “Have you ever played beer pong,” to which Evans laughed, “Are you kidding me? I’m from Boston!” Despite his enthusiasm, Chris lost to Jimmy 2-1.

Meanwhile, Jimmy ambushed the actor with a blast from the past:  old yearbook photos! In one of the photos, Chris (who was in 7th grade at the time) is rocking a bowl cut.

“We started drifting into the bowl cut era. And the clear braces were something special,” Evans joked as he looked back at his awful fashion sense. Watch the full interview: