Michael B. Jordan Admits ‘Tears Started Flowing’ During Final Day On ‘Friday Night Lights’ Set

It’s one of the only shows on television that can make grown men cry and come Friday, the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights will have audiences everywhere grabbing for the tissues as the show says goodbye with it’s series finale. Celebuzz caught up with FNL actor Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Parenthood) who opened up about his emotional final moments playing the star quarterback of the East Dillon Lions, Vince Howard.  

He describes his last day on set in Austin, Texas: 

“It was a sad day. Everybody that was finished that day was there and everybody knew it was coming. It was like one of those moments and nobody really wanted to kick it off. … Producers called everybody over, we had a big circle and everybody was saying their goodbyes and they left me last.”

Just like the viewers who will be watching on Friday, Michael also became emotional bidding adieu to the beloved show. 

“I was speechless. I just basically, in a nutshell, said I never really felt like a family like this. Tears started flowing and I couldn’t talk.  It was rough saying goodbye. Texas Forever.”

In season four of the show, FNL producers decided to give the NBC program an overhaul and brought in a slew of new characters. Michael was one of the new kids on the block and he rose to the challenge but admitted to Celebuzz that he was “nervous.” 

“No words, no pep talk, nothing could really prepare us for what exactly the job is. … All the organic stuff that we do on the show is something I’ve never had the opportunity to do on any other show. It was different and I loved it. I loved every minute of it.”

Being the star of the show and the football team, fans will be happy to hear that Michael was doing about 80/20 of his own stunts by season five, but, like Vince, he wasn’t familiar with the game. “I’m an athlete. I grew up playing everything except football. (Laughs) Never played football growing up. I linked up with the football coordinator Justin Riemer and we would get up six in the morning and go down to the football field before we would actually shoot and go over quarterback drills just so I could become that guy.”

So where does Michael see the embattled Vince five or ten years from now? “If he stayed healthy, he’d be in the NFL for sure, and if not, I think he would probably be a coach,” he disclosed. “I think Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) left enough of an impression on him that he’d probably be a coach or do something in the city. I think he would definitely return the favor.”

FNL might be over but Michael can still be seen on TV. He’ll be reprising his character as Alex in season four of NBC’s Parenthood, and he’s going another direction with his career as well, starring in the upcoming sci-fi superhero FOX show Chronicle. You can also catch him on the big screen as he was cast in the George Lucas produced WWII movie Red Tails. If that’s not enough Michael B. for you, check him out on Twitter, and be sure to follow Celebuzz on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr for more exclusive interviews with your favorite stars!

The series finale of Friday Night Lights airs July 15 on NBC.