Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Before She Was Famous (PHOTOS)

Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has undergone quite a transformation herself: from a young girl to mature beauty! 

In just released pictures from her youth, the action heroine and Victoria's Secret model can be seen as a child before she was famous. 

In one of the shots, she appears to be holding a body board while wearing a wet suit, an activity that would ultimately help sculpt her perfect body her prep for her athletic big-screen debut! Now she's all grown up, and has ditched the beachy body wear for more grown-up material -- including a nearly naked ad campaign for Burberry.

The model-turned-actress is basically nude in the photo and is giving a super-smoldering look. The 24-year-old hottie admits that she wasn’t born with this bodacious bod. According to the London Daily Mail, Rosie said:

“Nobody lands on earth with a body like this. We all work very hard to maintain a healthy body. I have to do many thousands of sit-ups.”
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  • becky

    haha it makes me laugh , all of you are jealous because she has the looks to be a model and shes pretty , before you judge someone look at yourself in the mirror

  • mila

    she is really pretty, no wonder these haters cant stop hating, they arent you so they wanna beat yeah,..

  • Jessie Sharlene
    Jessie Sharlene

    nose job anyone? she's ugly even with pro make up tricks that hide her flaws and pro hair stylists, etc, she looks like a dude.

  • kendalllui

    I think Rosie has grown up to be a woman now! :)

  • kouao123

    i dnt no wat the fck u did to u but u look lik a sraight up man lol........................seriously

  • anonymus

    Her mouth freaks me out.

  • Noah

    Harry Potter outfit?

  • ugh

    she is actually really ugly it's disgusting,.