Angelina Jolie Arrives at LAX with Daughters Shiloh & Zahara (PHOTOS)

Angelina Style Evoltion
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Angelina Jolie looked stunning when she arrived at LAX on Wednesday after a trip to London, with daughters Shiloh and Zahara in tow. The Jolie-Pitt clan seemed to be in high spirits moving through the airport, smiling and laughing with each other as they piled into their car.

With new rumors of a Brangelina wedding on the horizon, it is understandable why everybody might be in a good mood!

Angie donned her usual dark attire and rocked a pair of aviator sunglasses, while Shiloh looked like a classic rock star in a Rolling Stones tee and a Beatles-inspired vest. Zahara played it safe with jeans and a white jacket, staring at the cameras while she clutched her teddy bear. 

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