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As Celebuzz staffers, we were shocked Wednesday to hear Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith wouldn’t be returning to Glee for a fourth season. Turns out, so was Chris Colfer! 

“I looked on my Twitter replies and that’s how I found out, I was like, ‘oh, oh, okay, I guess they announced something,'” Chris told Entertainment Tonight.

However, the Emmy nominated actor (congrats!) did know that was the general direction his character was headed.

“We had kind of known since the beginning, since we started the show, that these characters were going to grow up and they were going to graduate eventually. I don’t think I thought it was going to happen so soon, necessarily, but I think we knew something like this was coming.”

Fear not Gleeks, because Chris will not leave fans disappointed this season. “I’m excited because now it’s like, well, here it is, better bring it now, so I think it actually adds more excitement to it.”

Somehow we have a feeling the Golden Globe winner will not have trouble getting work after Glee! It’s recently been reported by that Lea and Chris may be in talks for a spin-off show. We can only hope!!! 

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