Kendra Wilkinson Jokes There’s ‘Too Much Family Time’ Now ‘DWTS’ Is Over (PHOTOS)

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett attended the ESPY Awards in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday and the couple was happy to get out of the house!

“We could never pass the ESPY’S up. We love the ESPY’S. I mean it’s our date night,” Kendra told reporters on the carpet. “We mark this on our calendars every year for this to be our official dress up date night.”

Kendra joked to Celebuzz that she has been having a little too much family time and was ready for a night out with just Hank.

“We do the park every day, almost. Then baby class. There has been a lot of family time,” Wilkinson told us when we asked her how she has been spending her time post Dancing With the Stars.

“There has actually been a little too much family time,” Kendra laughed. “When [Hank Jr.] gets picked up I’m like alright!”

Still, K assured Celebuzz with a giggle that she and Hank are getting “a lot” of one on one time too…if you know what we mean.

Since Wilkinson has been spending a lot of time at home, she told reporters on the carpet yesterday just how much she is watching her little boy grow:

“Every minute is a new milestone. We’re teaching him to swim of course – its summer time! You know, plugging his nose as he goes under water. He’s starting to talk a lot; he has such a sense of humor! When he burps he laughs at himself, it’s so funny. Whenever he drinks something he goes ‘Ahhh.’”

Even though Kendra and Hank are happy as ever, Wilkinson told People she and Hank Jr. will be staying in Los Angles no matter what team may pick up her football playin’ husband.

“We’d stay in LA. We would go [where Hank is] towards the holidays, but we’ll be staying here.”

Glad that Kendra is enjoying her downtime. We have a feeling it won’t last too much longer!