Kris Jenner Gets Facelift Prior to Daughter Kim's Upcoming Wedding (VIDEO)

It's moments like this with the Kardashian/Jenner family that show how close they really are. Kris Jenner went under the knife prior to daughter Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding and the whole family was there to support her. 

In a new clip posted by E!, Kris begins crying as she anticipates her facelift. "I've never had such a stressful morning, honestly, in my entire life," Kris says tearing up. "I'm scared." Kim tries to comfort her mother before Rob Kardashian jumps up and bears hugs his mom along with Khloe Kardashian

The video gets pretty detailed, even showing the doctors working on Kris and Kourtney Kardashian peeping in the window. 

Following the procedure, Khloe comforts her mom, whose all bandaged up, saying, "Mom, you look so fab. It looks gorgeous." What do you think of Kris' pre-wedding facelift? Check out the video and leave her some "get well soon" comments!

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  • Smokyeye

    Kris Keep some class about you....You are losing sight. A face lift, really??? First you want to change your name now this, what next? Certainly I could see it if you really needed it but as everyone is saying you don't & it sounds like you are trying to upstage your daughter. Embrace your age and the real person that has made you who you are. Keep it real & true. Your beautiful just as you are.

  • Sheri Anne
    Sheri Anne

    Kris did not need a face lift at all..It seems like Kris decides to do stupid stuff that was NOT nessacary to get herself back in the center ring. It is great that Kris is close with her kids, but trying to out shine her kids all the time..

  • Nicole

    Where are the pics of Kris's plastic surgery job? I just read about it on Us Weekly's site

  • Nicole

    they always try and upstage one another. If you haven't figured that out, you're stupid. I use to like them, but the fact is - they're nothing but greedy fame seekers who are extremely selfish. They could really do good with their "name", but they only think of themselves.

  • Sherry

    I don't think she needed it. She looks fabulous. The whole family is beautiful

  • Dlws

    “I’ve never had such a stressful morning, honestly, in my entire life,” If this is the most stressful morning you have ever had, you have led a charmed life. Someone voluntarily undergoing a face lift in an attempt to look slightly better is no reason for anyone to show sympathy. Whiny baby!

  • sheri

    totally self centered and shallow. The whole family is only focused on how they look and how much money they can make.. So sad and pathetic. Use your time and thoughts to do something good for this world please.

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    I believe this is the second. And an earlier nosejob.

  • TRJS

    Personally I don't think she needed it, but the whole family drives me nuts and is overly spoiled and indulged. Besides, it's Kim's day, not Kris's. Once again, mom tries to grab a spotlight. I think the whole family is disfunctional.

  • Steph

    These people are so shallow.

  • friedscrotum

    she totally didn't need a face lift. :/ & BTW Rob's ass is MONSTROUS! lol that image is now permanently etched into my brain!

  • BellaSiegnora

    You know what would have made more headlines? If she had decided not to get a facelift, and just learn to love herself the way she is. We are all beautiful. You are beautiful just the way you are. Plastic surgery is superficial. It's not going to change who you are on the inside, or how you feel about yourself. There is only one you in the entire history of the world... don't you want to know what she grows up to look like? Because she is going to be amazing.

  • Maisie1234

    Im sure Kris will look just as beautiful as she did before, i agree with JennyJoy she didnt need to get one in the first place, if its stress, it'd be from working to hard or the media talking sh** or anything, we except anything she does and hopes she loves her FABULOUS look! Get well soon!

  • JennyJoy

    I think it's sad. She never needed a facelift. Why do people put this pressure on themselves? We are all getting older all the time. You can't fight time, or nature. You can eat right, and exercise, and take care of yourself. You can try to laugh and enjoy the moment. But enjoy getting older. Do it with grace. Look at Meryl Streep. Still flawless. Beauty is not just skin deep. Beauty is already within us in the grace, poise, intelligence, and heart of who we are/

  • sassycc

    That was a good move for kris to do that for her daughter up coming nupitals. Kris you look fab..... and love the way you care for your family with such passion.

  • Birna

    I think it´s sweet how close and happy family the are :) put i don´t think that kris had do get a facelift :)