Kristen Stewart Gets Into Minor Car Accident in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

fender bender!
Kristen Stewart Gets Into a Fender Bender in Hollywood
Kristen Visits Rob!
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Oh no! Kristen Stewart got into a fender bender in Hollywood on Thursday, but luckily it doesn't look like it was too big of a deal. 

K-Stew, dressed in jeans and a gray v-neck T-shirt (with trademark look of her shirt tied at the bottom), appeared to be just fine and was of course very cooperative while exchanging information with the other female driver.

Considering the paparazzi were on scene to capture all of this, we can't help but wonder if they might have been part of the problem? Following the fender bender,  the Twilight leading lady  was so friendly to the photogs!

Stewart has been in work mode getting ready for Snow White and the Huntsman, taking riding lessons and getting her passport renewed. The actress is also confirmed to appear at the SWATH panel at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday, July 23 and of course couldn't miss the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn panel Thursday, July 21.



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  • brendacool

    HELLO. i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on ( i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • Noah

    You might be psychic. Please do me a favor and give me at least 2 days warning if you have any dreams about my future? Thanks.

  • danyy

    I see that you can't get a joke.

  • CC

    I can't believe the things you people are saying. So just because she comes out(having a life!) more and doesn't stay holed up she's suddenly after publicity? You seriously need to fix your skewed vision. And EVERYONE gets in to accidents. She is human after all, ffs.

  • yashi1387

    u obviously have no fucking clue what publicity stunts are, confirming an "engagement"at the MTV awards is a Publicity Stunt, you are confusing the decency of Kristen Stewart with the trashyness of Nikki Reed or any member of the Kardashian family, Those are people who are well known for Publicity Stunts

  • 957-Sean Canada
    957-Sean Canada

    Quite a lot of freeway accidents, including the fender bender woes.

  • CEL

    OMG! So glad Kristen or the other girl aren't injured.

  • sassycc

    Please keep safe Kristen...... Love ya

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    I heard she was shaving, reading a script and signing 8x10 fan glossies......but then my sources are always a bit confused. You have to love Noah - he has no filter LOL.

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    That is not was Kristen's publicist looks like. Secondly, publicity is not this girl's thing because if it were, she certainly would handle it better and she definitely isn't hurting for it.

  • Whattheheck!

    Well the woman has to have a life and do things a daily basis like you and I. The only problem I see is that the paps are following her too closely....And that is scary and stalking...

  • simplydiffer

    Wow, she's been out a lot lately. A little too much... She still looks hot.

  • ME


  • ME

    I smell a publicity stunt. The attention has been off twilight a lot lately. The woman that hit her was probably her publicist. It wouldn't be the first time that MTV aka Summit staged a car accident (i.e., Snooki's "accident" in Italy).

  • lilly

    Nevermind him Brenda since his "sources" are the voices in his head!

  • sanna

    kristen is so nice about it especially to the lady i mean they were even laughing i luv her

  • oniszko2

    You are probably going to think I am crazy, I'm not but about 3 or 4 nights ago, I had a dream about Kristen, that something was going to happen to her, either a car or an airplane, so kind of accident. I did not think anything of it at the time, and thought it was because I had been reading some articles about her recently...Wierd ha, wow, I am just glad that she is ok...Hope that she will be a little more careful when she is out....

  • oniszko2

    I am glad she is ok she looked a little rattled, I bet if Rob heard about this he was seriously worried about her , and I bet he was on the phone no matter what he was doing, that's his love, and I know he would not want anything to happen to her...

  • LoveRobsten

    I guess the paps are following her from her house everyday. She's very busy getting ready for SWATH and everyday has been out and about to do so since she came back from being with her love, Rob in Toronto for a week. Grazie Taryn for always giving us the heads up on what's going on with Kristen and Rob.

  • Brenda

    Your sources are stupid, she was rear ended! Im glad she was nice and smiling when she exchanged information :)

  • Noah

    My sources tell me she was drinking and texting while driving.

  • Natalie Cliver
    Natalie Cliver

    Kristen i want you stay well. We here take a big scare! :)

  • manroj

    I saw the funniest comment ever 2 days ago from some guy in Wales, UK. He said: "Kristen is so beautiful - Kristen is so hot - I wish all women looked like Kristen - if I could just be with Kristen, I would leave my lazy wife in a heartbeat". I cracked up when I read this post. I could just imagine ladies' brains exploding in anger all over the English speaking world!

  • krisbian

    i love kristen <3