Miley Cyrus Chows Down On Hot Dogs with Mom (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus has a craving for dogs that is. The "Can't Be Tamed" singer was spotted chowing down on some wieners at a food truck in Culver City, California earlier this week.

Wearing a white tank top and casual skinny jeans, Miley rubbed her belly as she prepared to give her order to the food truck staff. The 18-year-old pop star clearly couldn't wait to get her hands on her hot dog because she immediately started to scarf down her food as soon as it was handed to her. Sometimes a gal just really needs a hot dog!

Hot dogs weren't the only thing on Miley' agenda for the day, the singer's bra-less fashion choice showed off her recent dreamcatcher tattoo. Meanwhile, Miley's mom Tish, showed off her new "She Wants to Fly" tattoo on her wrist as she carried off her hot dogs to another section of the food truck. Like mother, like daughter!

Check out more photos of Miley eating hot dogs and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • smantha jane kratzer
    smantha jane kratzer

    i love Miley C., demi L. and selena G. they make me feel beatyful

  • Nadia_Marie

    I like her Tattoo, It seem's Very Unique.

  • kamiluccha

    me 2 girl !! :))

  • claudialimon

    she is my mmodel to follow and i don't care what ppl say

  • imalexia1

    whyy did you have to start smoking Miley?! :(

  • imalexia1

    wow! Miley and Tish don't look like Mother and daughter! They look more like their the same age or something! :O

  • Mel

    Diet Creme

  • nikfoxhiltoncyrusraisa

    i love miley cyrus , she is awesomeee <3 i am a huge fan !

  • Kayla Michelle Browder
    Kayla Michelle Browder

    I like her tattoo. what is that shes drinking?

  • Kimberly Pavlicek
    Kimberly Pavlicek

    awe, not her left hip wont have any bad dreams.

  • boodat80

    I love Miley and I thought her pictures were fine, including the beach ones. Miley has grown up before our eyes and she IS A PERFORMER AND I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF HER OUTFITS. I AM OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER GRANDMOTHER. I miss her on the Disney shows but I understand that she wants to do other things. I just hope her boyfriend likes her for herself and NOT WHAT SHE HAS. Just like the boys Cody and Zack which have grown up before our eyes. grammy 69

  • yuck

    tasteless tattoo for a tasteless girl

  • beanie

    she is going to regret that ugly tattoo one day

  • staystrong

    miley is awesome ! NEVER FORGOT HER

  • miror1

    i miss her :) so simple and lovelay:) love her

  • ugh

    a dreamcatcher?

  • Fred

    "The 18-year-old pop star clearly couldn’t wait to get her hands on her hot dog because she immediately started to scarf down her food as soon as it was handed to her" What was she supposed to do, wait an hour then eat it? Who writes this stuff??

  • LatinaGonzalez

    awwww,soo cute!! she is really hugry there :))

  • Leah Laustsen
    Leah Laustsen

    Aww that's just super cute I love that photo of Miley.

  • Mary Silva
    Mary Silva

    she isn't wearing a bra isnt her ?

  • danielleakame

    i can see it now..this is her askin for some chickens and corn breads. ha

  • jennyjazz


  • debora981

    She wants to fly !! <33

  • debora981

    She is so cute :D:D Love this pictures !! :)))