Rihanna’s Ex Matt Kemp Is a ‘Man Up’ Despite Break-Up

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Baseball player Matt Kemp showed up to the 2011 ESPY Awards yesterday, July 13, in good spirits despite news of the financial Los Angeles Dodgers downfall.  Kemp, ex boyfriend of singer Rihanna looked smokin’ hot, proving to everyone that there is hope after a Hollywood break-up.

“We both got busy lives and we are working on our careers and concentrating on our careers. Like I said, I wish her all the best of luck, and she wishes me all the best of luck”, the MLB pro told reporters when asked about how he got through such a public break-up.

These two are so friendly in fact, that Matt attended her Loud Tour in Anaheim, Calif. the other week, and was definitely impressed. Kemp even let Celebuzz know his favorite Rihanna song.

“She’s got a lot right now man, but right now, Man Down, that’s one of my favorite songs,” Kemp revealed.

In the controversial video, Rihanna’s on-screen flame ends up, well, dead. But Matt told us he’s all good with the singer! “I’m man up though,” Kemp said with a laugh. “I am good. We are good. I am single and chillin’, ready to focus on baseball.”

This Dodger wasn’t dodging any questions about the recent financial situations for the his team. When asked about how they keep up team morale, Kemp told reporters that they only worry about what they can control on the field, and that the team is a family:

“We’re good, we’re like family, we stick together, we ride together, we die together. We can’t really worry about things that go on off the field. All we can control is our play on the field and we’re close as ever and we’re gonna turn this thing around.”

He may be ready to focus on baseball, but single ladies all over the place are definitely going to be ready to focus all their attention on him. Rihanna, you may have let a good one go, but we’re happy you two are still friends.