Battle of the Hot Toms! (PHOTOS)

Battle of the Hot Johns!
Check out some of the hottest Johns around.
From show-stopping celebs to superstar athletes, the name Tom has many heads turning!

First up is Tom Felton, you may know him better as Draco Malfoy, but this Harry Potter star doesn’t have to cast any spells on us to notice that he’s a blue-eyed cutie.

The next Tom may not be a wizard with magical powers, but he is definitely the sexiest man for any Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise can save us any day.

And Inception actor Tom Hardy isn’t just dreamy…he keeps us all dreaming for more – like a date!

The last Tom isn’t known in Hollywood for his acting skills, but he still captures hearts. Tom Brady is a gorgeous All-American quarterback who is married to the lovely supermodel Gisele Bundchen -- need we say more?!

Check out all of the photos in our gallery, and tell us which Tom YOU think is the hottest!

And while you’re looking at sexy celebs, don’t forget to take a look at the ladies too!