Chris Brown Thrills Thousands With 'Today' Performance (VIDEO)


Chris Brown's latest morning show appearance went much better than his last go-round, as the biggest crowd to ever grace the Today concert series gathered in Rockefeller Center to watch the R&B star dance and sing the morning away.

Brown ripped through four songs for Today show as an estimated crowd of over 18,000 packed the area to watch. While all of his performances were energetic, it was his dance-heavy routine for "Yeah 3X" that sent the crowd into a frenzy as Brown showed off his infamous dance skills. Looking like his limbs were made out of liquid, Brown smiled and shook his way through the routine, ending with the crowd erupting in applause.

Despite four songs, Brown didn't do any interviews with Matt Lauer and the Today crew. During his appearance on Good Morning America a few months ago, Brown's interview with Robin Roberts ended in controversy after he broke windows and stormed out of the building with no shirt on after Roberts asked him about overcoming his past.

Questions about his assault on Rihanna set off the incident.

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  • milesjanis

    TO CHRIS BROWN'S MOM~great job!!! I am so thankful that your prayers of restoration have been answered for your son.The media (people) can be so unforgiving and I prayed everytime I saw this young man. Chris,continue to bless others with your spirit of humility/thanksgivings and your gifts and talents of entertaining. Thank you fans for the courage to support this young man.GMA and TJMS, we forgive you; its TODAY! Signed, a blessed teenage mom:)

  • bina

    love him! he did amazing! great performer :)

  • M

    That smile he gave at the end was priceless <3

  • Ann Okafor
    Ann Okafor

    Wow, he looked like he was having a good time. I can't believe I missed it all.