Courtney Stodden Tells ‘GMA’ About Her Unlikely Marriage

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These hook-ups have people scratching their heads.
Sixteen-year-old Courtney Stodden and her husband, 51-year-old Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, were on Good Morning America on Friday to discuss their age-defying marriage and give the world a glimpse inside their head-scratching relationship. In a pre-taped interview, the couple, who says that they “fell in love without ever meeting in person”, explained the details of their shocking romance and explained how they came together despite the 35 year age difference!

The couple met online, when Courtney, an aspiring actress, signed up for one of Doug’s acting workshops and fell in love over a four month period of email exchanges, before they saw each other.

With Courtney’s parents’ consent, the self-described “soulmates” were married shortly after.

The backlash surrounding the relationship was intense, but Courtney and Doug insist that their love is genuine. “People are welcome to their opinions. That is what the world is about. If they need to feel this way, that is theirs to hold, not ours,” Hutchison said. “We knew this was going to happen, that we would have to weather the repercussions of our decision. And it brought us closer”

As far as the allegations that Courtney had plastic surgery and may be older than she claims, she says, “it’s all real, head to toe.” And when she asked if she thought the relationship would help her career, she exclaimed, “if it does, that is just another beautiful blessing that God hands to me, but if I am with him, supporting him for the rest of his life, that would make me happy too.”

With reports that producers are attempting to create a reality show about their unusual union, the marriage may prove to be a savvy career move for both! 

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