David Beckham Explains Baby Name — Why Seven?

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With the birth of his first daughter, David Beckham picked a unique name for the baby girl — Harper Seven. He and wife Victoria Beckham are “very proud of having her in our lives and our family,” the soccer stud says in a new video posted on his Facebook page,  in which he elaborates on the unusual choice in middle names.

“A lot of people have assumed that it’s just because it was my shirt number that I wore for many years, and part of it is,” he says.

But that’s just the beginning as the new (again) dad listed off several more reasons for picking the name.

“Part of it is because I had so much luck around wearing that number, wearing it for England, wearing it for Manchester United — it was such an influential number throughout my career, and a lucky number, but that wasn’t the main reason,” he added. “The other reasons behind ‘Seven’ were because it symbolizes spiritual perfection, Seven Wonders of the World, seven colors of the rainbow and in many cultures around the world, it’s regarded as a lucky number.”

The proud papa warped up his thoughts on the matter by saying, “We love the name. We love Harper Seven.”

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