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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announcing they have decided to end their marriage leaves some fans shocked and others, well, not so much. So what went wrong? Celebrity relationship expert Jessica Radloff tells Celebuzz although she initially gave this marriage a “five percent” chance of lasting, she finds this divorce announcement “quite sad.”

“After her much publicized romances with men like Cris Judd and Ben Affleck, what would make any of us think that things would work out with Marc? He didn’t have the best track either,” Jessica explains. “However, after years went on, and they remained happily together, they seemed to prove us all wrong, even as mismatched as they seemed. Even more so, when they had the twins, they seemed more in love and committed than ever.”

Still, Radloff believes there were signs all was not well in their marriage — as recently as last weekend.

“Flags were raised when Jennifer attended the BAFTA gala with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last Saturday night and brought her mom instead of Marc,” says Jessica. “In Hollywood, unless you’re Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck- who make a choice not to be seen arm-in-arm at public events- it was definitely unusual.”

JLo and Marc have certainly been in the public spotlight more over the last year thanks to American Idol. And the spotlight clearly favored Jennifer.

“Everyone always commented that he got lucky nabbing her. She’s a goddess, and he. . . well, not so much,” points out Radloff.

Unfortunately the way things go in Hollywood, if the woman is more successful in a relationship trouble is quick to follow. Is that what could have happened here?

“Jennifer clearly had a breakthrough year on Idol by endearing herself to millions of viewers. She was compassionate, down-to-earth, and the total opposite of what [her public perception has been]- that she was a total diva. Had this split happened a year ago, I think the public would be more apt to blame her. Now, of course, I see it going the other way.  “

“Whether or not her success this past year had anything to do with the split- and I think that’s taking the easy way out to blame it on that- remains to be seen,” explains Jessica.

So where will JLo go from here? Could she be done with a high-profile relationships?

“I don’t see Jennifer jumping into a new relationship for some time,” says Radloff. “Where would she find the time? Unlike years past -and especially considering that she’s a mother now- I really think Jennifer will put [her children] Emme and Max’s needs first and take her time.”

Continues Jessica:

“When the time comes though, it certainly won’t be a so-called ‘commoner.’ Whether she hooks up with a music producer or well-known entertainment executive, Jennifer craves someone with power and prestige. . . as long as he doesn’t steal her limelight altogether. That seems just about impossible for the talented and gorgeous Ms. Lopez though!”

“The real victims of course, are Emme and Max, two adorable little kids that don’t deserve the difficulty that comes with parents splitting up. Either way, we haven’t seen the last of this story.”

Couldn’t agree more. Wishing Jennifer, Marc, and their beautiful family the best during this hard time.