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It's Harry Potter Friday!

This means one thing ... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is finally out! The final movie installment of arguably the best coming-of-age series of the last decade has been long-awaited, and now you can celebrate with a special giveaway from Celebuzz.

We're giving one lucky reader a chance to win their own Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit! Complete with The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Book, chocolate lollipop molds, broom-shaped lollipop sticks and glassine bags with ties, you won't need a magic wand to whip up some of your favorite snacks with this kit.

Here's how to enter:

Follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us what you're favorite Harry Potter moment is. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

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  • Kari Jordan
    Kari Jordan

    My favorite Harry Potter moment is the first Potions class with Professor Slughorn in HBP. I love the descriptions of the potions, especially the Amortentia.

  • 0170kennedt

    My favorite moment is when Ron opens the door to the Chamber of Secrets with Parseltongue, which he explains to Hermione that he learned from hearing Harry talk in his sleep.

  • jesspynk

    All of the movies are awesome! If I had to pick one I guess it would be When they show the ceiling in the dining room.

  • ecaterina29

    when the unconscious Ron calls out for Hermione, And the smile on Hermione’s face when she holds his hand priceless.

  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    My favorite moment is when Harry Potter finally decides to face off with the name who shall not be named. The movies ended well! :) But I have a feeling there will be a spin-off... maybe?

  • Anita Beers
    Anita Beers

    My favorite moment is when Ron sees Hermoine in her ball gown. :) What a sweet moment.

  • Victoria Barton
    Victoria Barton

    my favorite movie is when hermione is turned into a cat from drinking the polyjuice potion with the cats hair in it.

  • emorgan223

    "Here lies Dobby, a free elf". It is so beautiful and I must admit Dobby was one of my favorite characters.

  • Mize

    My favourite moment is when Ron Weasley receives a howler from Molly Weasley after using the flying car.

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    my fav moment is when they are looking for the crystal ball with the prophecy in it

  • Cesar Tafoya
    Cesar Tafoya

    My favorite moment is in Goblet of Fire when Voldemort is screaming "I want to see the light leave your eyes" & Harry steps out & takes him on. Chills everytime!

  • hpaulina

    My favorite moment was when Severus Snape is dying, and he tells Harry to look at him, so the last thing he sees before dying, is Harry's eyes, because they are just like his mother eyes. :(

  • Alake Malik
    Alake Malik

    My favorite moment was in the Sorcer's Stone when harry is on the train and meeting Ron and Hermione for the first time. Ron is all eager and kind of disbelieving that the boy who lived is sitting right across from him, but they hit it off almost right away. And then Hermione is curious and noses her way into the convo. It was a funny way of meeting each other, but it represented the soemtiems random ways we meet people who end up being in our lives for a long time. This meeting led to them developing a solid friendship and reminds me of the wierd way I met my friends

  • Michela Molteni
    Michela Molteni

    I'd say any moment with James or Sirius (thank you, JKR, for making me believe in male IT'S ACTUALLY YOUR FAULT, not Disney's, if I don't have a boyfriend =p) but that would look as if I don't love the saga as much as I do, that is VERY VERY VERY much =D I think my favourite moment is when the Marauders' Map insults Piton...or maybe anytime Ron and Hermione have a scene of jealousy; no no no, delete it: when Harry, Ron and Hermione meet Lockhart at St. Mungo's Hospital ("Look, I didn't learn joined-up writing for nothing, you know!" =D) Well, let's face it: it's impossible to answer your question! ...IT IS A TRUTH UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED that The HP Saga is definitely and fully worth anyone's time <3

  • Estefany Castro
    Estefany Castro

    My favorite Harry Potter moment is when in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, when the sorting hat chooses Gryffindor as Harry Potter's house. <33 That's when it all the madness started (:

  • Jess Parker
    Jess Parker

    There are so many, but I'd have to say the Ron/Hermione kiss. 10 YEARS WE WAITED FOR THEM TO GET TOGETHER. My otp forever <3

  • momckean
    momckean the 7th book when Ginny gives Harry her "silver lining 'happy birthday'" kiss :) or in 'The Order of the Phoenix' anytime "Dumbledore's Army" is practicing. But i also loved when Ron and Hermione kiss in The Deathly Hallows part2!

  • Caron McGarvey
    Caron McGarvey

    without a doubt in Philosopher's Stone when Harry first walks into the Great Hall for the first time.

  • Angela Burdo
    Angela Burdo

    looking back, the 1st movie, when hagrit comes to save harry from his mean aunt & uncle!!

  • Laia Prieto Ivorra
    Laia Prieto Ivorra

    I love the moment when Harry finds Draco crying at the bathroom... so cute! Twitter: @lapriivo

  • fms1291

    My favorite moment is when Harry finds out the truth about Snape in Deathly hallows. It is such a touching moment. And then when Harry tells his son, Albus Severus Potter, that he was named after two headmasters and Severus was the bravest man he had ever known. I cried when I read that part and cried even harder when I saw it last night! Severus Snape, the boy who loved.

  • Kathleen Pasqualini
    Kathleen Pasqualini

    Harry and Hermione kissing in Deathly Hallows Part 1

  • Shyanne Burdette
    Shyanne Burdette

    My favorite moment? Wow, there is just by far too many, in both the books and the movies. I couldn't possibly just choose one. I love when Harry finds out he's a wizard, and when Ron is jealous of Hermione and Krum, and when Harry is looking at his parents in the mirror, and when Harry and Ginny kiss, and when Dobby is set free, and when Harry blows up his Aunt Marge (well not BLOW UP but you know what I mean), and when Hermione punches Draco, and when Harry tries out the wands, and when Moody is chasing Draco and turning him into a ferret (The funniest scene in all of the movies, in my opinion) and when the Marauders Map insults Snape, and there's just so many. I hope that naming all of these doesn't get me disqualified; I just really can not choose ONE favorite moment. I love everything about Harry Potter.

  • danielleakame

    My favorite moment was when Harry helped Dobby become free from the Malfoy family. I love Dobby and i was so sad when he died!!!! whyyy dobbbyyyy whyyyyyy!!! totally saw the midnight showing last night well this morning. sooooo goooodddddd. love Harry Potter!!!!

  • Christopher Clinkenbeard
    Christopher Clinkenbeard

    When Hermione punched Draco.

  • twinklemepink06

    My favorite Harry Potter moment is when Harry finds out he is a wizard. That scene always gives me goosebumps.

  • wheat636

    My favorite moment is the opening school scene in The Sorcerer’s Stone. The visual appeal is amazing with the candlelight and massive hall.