Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorcing!

Jen & Marc Through the Years
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Through the Years
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Married life is over for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

The Latino power couple, who tied the knot seven years ago and have two children together, announced on Friday afternoon that they plan on divorcing. The couple told People exclusively:

"We have decided to end our marriage ... This was a very difficult decision. We have come to amicable conclusions on all matters ... It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time."
The split comes as a surprise to many, especially as they two had several joint projects in the works. In fact, Latino magazine conducted an interview just a few weeks ago in which J.Lo said they were "a good combination." 

Lopez and Anthony are the parents of twins Max and Emme, who are 3 years old. They gave no indication of what their plans are for custody of the children.

After much speculation of a possible baby on board in 2008 -- and after dodging several questions during interviews -- Lopez confirmed that she was expecting during a concert in Miami.

Lopez has seen a career resurgence of late, having taken on the role of American Idol judge this past season, which in turn kick-started her music career back up. While there has been speculation as to whether she'll return to Idol for another season, this news will likely play a major part in her decision. Still, there's no doubting Lopez re-established herself as a major pop artist, thanks in part to smash hits like "On the Floor."

As for Anthony, he has remained private through much of the couple's marriage, continuing his wildly successful recording career as well.

Sadly, this also means that another Marc and J.Lo collaboration. Our friends at Idolator have complied their top five musical performances; we picked our fave, their "Por Arriesgarnos" duet, below. See the rest over at Idolator




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  • GaGax Falory
    GaGax Falory

    I really need to know the real reason about their divorcing but this is between them anyway. still, they always looked like a happy couple to me and I won't judge JLo or marc cuz I dont know the reason...

  • khrizlaboricua

    brava brava gracias thank u thats what i was tryna say the whole imma put my opinion of other ppls life even tho i now absolutly nada about them other than what i c on the web is ridiculous so to all u cyber bullies (fyi thats what yu are) u must have missed all the cnn exclusives on over six adolesents under the age of sixteen commiting suicide because of people like u puttn 2sence in where it dont belong cyber bullying u wanna comment on that? darren than u for being positive and having a voice that breaks the void

  • khrizlaboricua

    this isnt particularly to only you just all the ignorant comments for the both of them in general maybe when all u bloggers actually grow up and go through life experiences then u may understand that we are all only human how many times will we fall in love how many times will we grow out of it how many times will we think we r positive and absolute in our desisions and find out later we where wrong life happens one thing yu can always count on is change why ridicule it when u should embrace it

  • Gina

    Those two are still verymuch crazy in luv with each other,I can see it their eyes especially jlos eyes

  • Gina

    Those two are still verymuch in love with each other, I can see it in their eyes especially jlos eyes

  • woopydoodledoodeedoo

    trying to be smart person..ur being negative i agree 2 what the other person said PEDO.

  • Mrs. Perez
    Mrs. Perez

    Negativity only says one thing about the speaker and that is insecurity. When you said Perv were you looking in the mirror?

  • Mrs. Perez
    Mrs. Perez

    For all you HATTERZ!!! Must I say that your comments are very immature as I also notice many don't know anything about talent! Both Jennifer & Marc and very talented beautiful individuals who lost each other in the world of hard work and fame. Where there was fire ashes will always remain. Meaning: a love like theirs will never end!!! The love is in their eyes & till death do them part.

  • Nora Arianna Nunez
    Nora Arianna Nunez

    The divorce is sad yes, and then a divorce with children even sadder. But... I believe Jlo married for the wrong reasons. She is not selfish, she's just doesn't use common sense and her head is in the clouds. My advice to her is don't marry anyone knowing that they are different than you. I'm sorry guys, but them being into music and of the same race doesn't make them compatible. She doesn't drink, she doesn't smoke and she's not as high strung as he is. Marc Anthony has a tendency to be controlling. Jennifer probably thought(And I say probably because I can't read minds) that being married to him would eventually change him. I had a feeling they wouldn't stay together because she's her own person and independent. I think she just couldn't take it anymore. Now on the children. Stay together for the sake of the children? Really? People did that years ago and were miserable until their children we're gone and boom divorce came in. And then those children got into marriages that were just as sad and distructive as their parent's marriages because they learned that from them. I would rather see a child with two happily divorced parents who get along than a child with two miserable married parents who are fighting constantly. All in all. Bottom line. Jlo has to make the wrong choices when it comes to men and find someone more compatible with her.

  • uKn0wN19

    I also agree.If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all,cause thats Jennifer and Marc's doings so we should just respect that and leave it how it is.

  • Darren

    I agree 100%, I think it is terrible the way people talk about someone they no nothing about other than what they hear. Then spread it all over the internet for the world to see, hear and think about. These are two lives that are working through differences just like everyone but they are being talked about like they have commited a crime. Then to call them names like sceletor and perv, etc its just not right at all.

  • Dara

    What a pity..Anyway if they r not happy, only way out..

  • Shelley

    We all need to mind our comments..they have a family just like you. Someone's feelings could get hurt behind some of the nonsense people post....We don't know them personally so why are we making comments as if we do? Read what u like but keep your negative comments to your self!

  • wen

    I totally agree with you, I think she is the problem but then again that is can not build happiness for yourself by breaking up a marriage, because she did break up his marriage to Dayanara, ex Miss Universe!

  • Tsk......Tsl

    How pathetic! Can't this woman figure out what she wants in a man? Now she's managed to bring two little angels into the world, only to subject them to a broken home. It seems to me that J-Lo is a very selfish person....the failure of this marriage is no surprise....I was just hoping for the sake of the innocent children that she had decided to stay with the guy and create a family for her children. For most people, the first failed marriage is a mistake gone wrong, a second failed marriage I have heard is a sign that you should look at yourself for your, tsk tsk....she has a third! How disgraceful.

  • Noah


  • sophie1986

    Yikes, seven years of marriage to J.Lo. Give this man a medal. I was already sick of her by the seventh image in this gallery.

  • she_devil

    awwww Noah, I missed you :)

  • Di

    This is sad. They really looked great together. I, for one, thought it would work out. However, Jennifer tends to get bored easily. Say what you want about Mark Anthony's height,he's got a great voice, and I love to hear him sing. I wonder if they even worked at trying to work things out.

  • Annie

    For the record retards, Marc Anthony is MUCH more respected in the Latin community. He has been famous for wayyy longer than she has, and has sold more records than her. He ACTUALLY has talent!

  • M

    He looks like a perv lol

  • Noah

    I wonder if she has to give up joint custody of her ass in the divorce settlement?

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    ...(crickets)..... So nobody else saw this coming?

  • simplydiffer

    Wow... I really didn't see this one coming. After all the drama of them getting together, one would think it would last forever.

  • Debz Snyder
    Debz Snyder

    Sorry, but I never thought this would work anyway. I always wondered what the HELL she saw in SKELETOR!!!!!

  • Sam

    Maybe she'll marry Steven Tyler

  • 66-Josh Canada
    66-Josh Canada

    Sounds tragic, and indefinitely moving on her life.

  • Guest

    I like them both, maybe just not together! I hope jLo doesn't remarry right away.... she loves to be married but just not to the same guy!

  • kewlgirl

    How many men will she ever marry and divorce???

  • Nora

    I hate a short guy!

  • Guest

    Did Jenny from the block tasted blood? Or could it be that Mr. J-Lo can't have a wive who's more successful then himself. What a pity!