Kristen Stewart Out and About Post Fender Bender (PHOTOS)

Kristen Lands in London
Kristen Stewart goes across the pond with huge bodyguard in tow.
Kristen Stewart makes casual look so good! The Twilight actress was spotted leaving her parents house in Los Angeles Friday in jeans, a tee, and a hoodie. With sunglasses on, K-Stew drove off and we’re happy to report, there were no accidents today.

Thursday, Stewart got into a very minor fender bender while out in Hollywood, and of course photogs were right there to capture it all. Luckily everyone involved was totally fine!

Robert Pattinson wrapped Cosmopolis yesterday in Toronto and is expected to head back to LA before jetting down to Comic-Con with his real-life leading lady.

Can’t wait for the Breaking Dawn cast to reunite!