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A look at the 'Potter' cast through the years.
For the last ten years, we’ve watched Emma Watson and the cast of Harry Potter grow up before our eyes­–blossoming from unknown actors to household names. Since 2001’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Emma has transformed from a frizzy-haired bookworm  to the poised and stunningly beautiful young woman she is today. Together with her co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, this golden trio has brought the magic of Harry, Ron and Hermoine to life.

With the final chapter of the beloved saga already in theaters, Celebuzz is taking a nostalgic look back at the Potter stars. Click through the gallery to see this British starlet’s evolution from mousy know-it-all to pixie-haired fashionista, and check out the entire Potter cast throughout the years in our “then and now” gallery!

As fans of the film franchise and book series bid an emotional adieu to the beloved characters, Emma also got a little sad saying goodbye to her Potter family.  At the last Harry Potter London premiere, the cast and crew spoke to the crowd, but when it was Emma’s turn to talk she couldn’t hold back the tears. 

Emma addressed her costar Daniel Radcliffe before breaking down, saying, “You were and are the perfect Harry.” Upon hearing that, Daniel ran up and hugged Emma. “I will miss you so much,” she said in tears as she looked at the cast and crew of the Potter franchise. “Thank you so, so much. … You are the most wonderful fans in the world.” Check out the video below and be sure to leave us some reviews of the latest Potter film in the comments section!

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