Kris Jenner All Smiles Post Face-Lift: See Her New Look! (PHOTOS)

Kardashian momager Kris Jenner has been keeping a bit of a low public profile lately, due to having plastic surgery before daughter Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding.

In new pics taken today, a refreshed and renewed looking Kris was all smiles as she stepped out and about, stopping at her family-owned store, Dash. The work appears to be very subtle and she looks better than ever!

In a clip of the upcoming episode posted by E!, the Hollywood mom become quite emotional anticipating the surgery, however.

“I’ve never had such a stressful morning, honestly, in my entire life,” Kris says, tearing up. “I’m scared.”

Natch, the whole family was there for support. Kim tries to comfort her mother before Rob Kardashian jumps up and bears hugs his mom, along with sis Khloe Kardashian.


Tune into Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday nights on E! at 10 PM! And be sure to follow Celebuzz on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr for more Kardashian news, vids and pics!



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  • Andrew

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  • jack

    seriously i love watching the kardashians! but watching Kris CRY about a VOLUNTARY surgery pissed me off! i mean its a facelift.... you dont NEED it, so dont go if its thats upsetting. what is wrong w her?

  • Karen

    I lov da show!!!! Chris hat of to u... I also did the face lift thing I don't regret...u look beautiful....all the negative comments is to being jealous.... I probaly will be paying for my facelift for long time...if it makes u feel good Y not..... Khloe hate to say dis ur my favorite person of da family I see alot of me in you!!!! Lol our attitude toward u all!!!<3

  • phoenixdc1

    Wow. I am watching this wedding fiasco on E right now out of morbid curiosity. This woman and her family turn my stomach. The facelift thing is a joke. To put on such a dramatic and tearful act over an elective vanity surgery really goes to show the lack of depth of these people. And then after pretty much selling your kids to the media and band - you wonder why they are not concerned enough to show up at the hospital for recover? REALY??? When this show first started out a few years back I thought it was fun and I defended the lot of them... but not now. Boy have they changed in a very, very disturbing way. How affected and self absorbed can people get? It truly defies all reason and rational that a "family" such as this, as rude, self serving and brash as they are, garner this much attention. WHO CARES? And shame on you if you do. Oh. and by the way - to them men in the "family" GROW A PAIR!

  • pinkbingo

    Wow, she looks great! But going by the awesome blouse she's wearing I think she had more than a face lift. She seems to be happy with the way she looks now... post Bora Bora. I'd do it too if I could afford it since my body's been through the wringer after having 3 kids who are now in their 30's. How about a "Win the Kris Jenner makeover" contest?

  • Shiela Robinson
    Shiela Robinson

    Kris always looks good. She is a very smart and beautiful woman.

  • Holly swanson
    Holly swanson

    You look fabulous! You looked great pre-face lift!

  • Kelly Stanley
    Kelly Stanley

    then why are u looking at her pix??

  • myrna

    Her shallow values have spread to her children!

  • Tina

    I think Kris looked just as great pre-face lift!

  • OJ

    This is a promotional ad for her sleezy clothing store. Why does she need to carry her shopping bags? That's what Bruce is for.

  • OJ

    Why doesn't this b*$@h just jump off a cliff. She is stealing my media spotlight. Thanks a lot.

  • sean

    she will always be a very ugly person...keep whoring out your children for your own gain Mrs. Jenner...oh, I mean Kardashian.

  • Linda

    LOL!!! NO, Joyce is REAL!!!!

  • nycagnes

    Is that Joyce DeWitt of Three's Company?

  • Linda

    Kris is the MOST SELF CENTERED WOMAN IN CA!!!! It is ALWAYS about HER!!!! POOR BRUCE - I PrAY He wises up and LEAVES HER!!! KRIS-NEWS FLASH - There are HUNDREDS of women who would treat yur Hubby with the love AND RESPECT HE SO DESERVES!!! I suggest you do that or look for Hubby #3 - IF you can EVEN FIND A MAN WHO CAN STOMACH YOUR HIDEOUS EGO!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie1986

    Instead of getting her face lifted, she should've gotten her brain lifted out of her ass.

  • Steven

    can this family get any more disgusting and shallow...why do people keep supporting them and buying their endorsed crap?

  • dora shabzz
    dora shabzz

    they allllll have Hermes bags~wtf?!

  • dora shabazz
    dora shabazz

    they alllll have Hermes bags~wtf?

  • Sara

    Now where know where her children get their vanity from. Oh, wait. A plastic surgeon. That's right. Pathetic.

  • Kathy fridley
    Kathy fridley

    What do any of that family do,there is no talent,just big butts and pretty faces,if Kris keeps up she will have as many surgerys as her husband,he looks like someone tied his face back,I mean REALLY!!!!!

  • nomodificar


  • nomodificar


  • Catheryne

    So why does she look younger and prettier in the Pre-facelift picture????

  • Michelle Amengual
    Michelle Amengual

    Kris you look very pretty with your new look i can not wait to see kims wedding on t.v.

  • guest

    lame. she totally didn't need it. what a waste of money. but, i guess she can afford it since she rides on the coat tails of her daughters.

  • hey

    Kris always has to be the center of attention, remember she made Khloe's wedding all about her too! I can't stand this woman, I feel so bad for her family who has to put up with her.

  • hey

    she pimps out her daughters (adult and underaged) so she can pay for face lifts, what a nice mother, makes me sick

  • kewlgirl

    i was thinking the same thing....

  • HCN

    What is it with people these days? Shouldn't you just be happy with who you are. What's most important is on the inside, right? At least that's what I have always heard and I am sticking to that. It makes me sick to see how much people care about their appearance. I mean yeah you should take care of yourself, wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe add a touch of makeup-but going so far as doing a face lift before a wedding that isn't even yours, is ridiculous. What makes you think it's going to matter? The wedding is for your DAUGHTER not you! It's not like you are going to be the center of attention. People just need to learn to stop caring so much about what they look like on the outside and start caring more on what they look like on the inside. Of course it is great if you are NATURALLY pretty, but if you are someone that covers yourself up with make-up and plastic surgery. That just makes me feel like you are even more ugly because you're hiding your natural beauty, you are hiding what you really look like. And me personally, I can't stand people who do that.

  • 1029Rock

    Remind me again - she's famous because...?

  • Di

    She looks great!!!! I'm considering it myself!

  • Nicole

    what exactly did she have done? What a waste of money

  • Michelle Schultz
    Michelle Schultz

    Refreshed? I really didn't think she needed it. She was an attractive woman to begin with. She looks a little puffy right now and I hope for her sake once it goes down she looks more normal. This was totally unnecessary. She brought into the Hollywood hype and changed something pretty. I'm sad.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    she had a face-lift < i think she was intending on looking more tight & noyt .. oh nevermind -__- i'D say whoever she went to did a good job & thank goodness she likes it clearly ..

  • mi

    she looks funny and tight