The Meet & Greet: Allie Gonino Dishes about ‘The Lying Game’

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Fans may recognize the talented Allie Gonino both on-stage and on-screen. She’s one of the stunning ladies from former singing group The Stunners –  the girl group who toured with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber for his My World Tour. Allie doesn’t just have rockin’ vocals, she’s also made her mark in acting! Allie has made several guest appearances on hit shows like Ten Things I Hate About You, Lie To Me and The Suite Life on Deck, but now her acting career is moving in an exciting new direction — she landed her first role as a regular on a series! 

Celebuzz chatted with Allie about her role on ABC’S new TV series The Lying Game and what it was like to tour with the Biebs!

What is The Lying Game about?
It’s about two twin sisters [Sutton and Emma] who are separated when they’re very young. In the first episode, they meet each other for the first time. Sutton goes out to L.A to find their birth parents, and Emma is kind of stuck pretending to be Sutton for the next two days, so that’s what the first episode is about. I play Sutton’s little sister Laurel, her adoptive sister. Our family is very wealthy, and well to do – we live in Phoenix. Emma grew up a foster child, so when Emma comes and joins our family it’s kind of a total culture shock for her. We also have these girl friends Mads and Char, and we all get to wear really cute clothes. The first episode is kind of establishing the mystery of it all, and then throughout the series we kind of see the parents’ involvement. It’s just kind of this creepy, mysterious story as to what happened to Sutton and Emma. So, it’s got a lot of mystery, it’s got a lot of romance, it’s funny…I mean it’s definitely got a dark feel, but it also has some realness to it.

Watch The Lying Game trailer below:

What is your character Laurel like?
Laurel is very smart, witty and funny, but she’s always observing everything that’s going on. She knows there’s something up whenever Emma comes in and changes Sutton’s place. I don’t think she necessarily suspects that it’s someone different, but she notices that something is going on.

Can you relate to her at all?
Oh yeah. I consider myself very observant; I like to act like a little fly on the wall. So, I think in that way we are very similar, and my humor is kind of smart-alecky like Laurel too.

How did you feel when you found out you were doing a TV series based on Sara Shepard’s books, which already seems to be super successful with Pretty Little Liars.
Pretty Little Liars is so successful, I think it’s their number one show on ABC Family so, obviously I felt just really lucky to walk onto a project that’s already got a built-in fan base. I actually just finished reading The Lying Game, and I can’t wait to know what happens next. I loved the book, and I think that Sara Shepard is a really great writer. I just feel really lucky.

Is the book anything like the TV series?
There are some similarities. The characters, they’re all very similar as they are in the book – but on the first page of the book you read that Sutton is dead. She’s not dead on our show, she’s very much a part of the mystery and helping Emma find out what happened to their parents and everything. It’s definitely not going to be as crazily scary as the book, but it definitely has a lot of mystery. 

Are you still filming?
I’m actually on-set as we speak. We’re filming in Austin, Texas. I had to do some relocating. We’ve been here for almost three weeks, and I’ve fallen in love with the city, it’s like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Texas rolled into one. The only downside is that it’s painstakingly hot. The people are so nice here, they’re such great life and music here, and it’s just really fun. The crew here is the most amazing crew I’ve ever worked with. Everyone is so nice, and they are really proficient and professional. It’s an awesome experience.

How is music going for you?
Yeah, we’re (The Stunners) not together anymore. I was doing that for three and a half years. We went on tour last year with Justin Bieber, and that was an amazing experience. Music has been a part of me since I was little itty bitty-bitty. So now I am just kind of seeing the differences between acting and music.
Which one do you love more, singing or acting?
It’s hard to tell I’ve only been doing acting for a few years, and this is my first role to be a regular on a series so, it’s so much different than just being a guest star – you get to really live through your character as a regular. So, I’m finding out different things that I like more about acting, but music for me has always been religion.

Don’t miss the premiere of ABC’s The Lying Game on Monday, August 15 at 9 pm!